Why Is The 7.0 cu. ft. GE Chest Freezer (GE FCM7SUWW) A Customer Favorite?

Because the 7.0 cu. ft. GE chest freezer (GE FCM7SUWW) punches way above its size in many ways...
It has a compact footprint that's ideal for tiny apartments or narrow kitchens.

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Customers also love its energy efficiency. Because it's a manual defrost, it uses far less energy than identically sized upright freezers.

Plus, it's established an enviable track record as value for money. (To get a sense of this, head over to Home Depot and confirm for yourself that nearly 1,500 happy customers have given it the perfect score5 stars out of 5!).

When Compact is Best

Compact chest freezers are especially great for anywhere where space is at a premiumtiny apartments, dorm rooms and even the pantry.

The measurements of the GE FCM7SUWW are:

Height with lid open:  53"
Overall height:          33-1/4"
Overall depth:           22"
Overall width:            37"

As one of the smaller chest freezers on the market today, it's probably your best bet if space is a major consideration. Just remember to allow for 3" back and side air clearances when measuring its designated spot.

And it weighs only 91 pounds, making it easy to haul into and move around the house as needed.

7.0 cu. ft. Capacity

The GE FCM7SUWW offers a modest capacity of 7.0 cu. ft. but it's still big enough to help singles and small families rake in considerable savings by stocking up on sales.

And the storage baskets make food organization a snap...

What's even better, these baskets can be slid back and forth in order to help you locate food on the freezer floor without any backbreaking lifting.

They can also be lifted out completely in order to create room for oddly shaped items.

The GE FCM7SUWW is a Manual Defrost

So of course, if you want it to keep functioning well, you need to take time out to manually defrost your freezer when ice builds up.

This is admittedly tedious but you only have to do this once every 18 months, may be. And at least the defrost drain helps to channel the waste water so that you don't have to mop up afterward.

But there's another silver lining to this manual defrost feature...

Manual defrosts have proven to be more energy efficient than frost free freezers over and over. If you want the hard facts, here we go...

This GE 7.0 cu. ft. chest freezer uses just 277 kWh of energy each year. In plain English, you can expect it to cost you about $25.00 in the energy department each year. That's just over $2.00 each month.

Who doesn't want to rein in a runaway electric bill, especially in these hard economic times?

Power On Light

In order to keep costs down, many manufacturers skimp on compact chest freezer features. Surprisingly, some of the features that are frequently sacrificed are some of the most important, such as a power on light.

Fortunately, the GE FCM7SUWW is the exception to the general rule and comes with a power on light. So you can get the assurance that your freezer is still working with a quick glance.

Adjustable Temperature Control

The GE FCM7SUWW has a temperature dial which is a great tool for adjusting the freezing conditions of your food.

For example, after introducing fresh produce such as meat and veggies, it's advisable to set the temperature to a colder setting in order to lock in the juices and freshness.

What's more, the temperature control is mounted on the freezer exterior. That way you don't have to keep opening the freezer (and consequently warming your food) just so you can adjust the temperature. 

The 7.0 cu. ft. GE Chest Freezer's Stylish Design

This 7.0 cu. ft. GE chest freezer looks solid and has a sturdy feel to it. It's all-white and is a great choice if you are looking to brighten up your kitchen.

It has a recessed handle that isn't just stylish as it doesn't stick out like a sore thumb, it reduces tripping accidents around your home.

One Year Warranty

This 7.0 cu. ft. freezer joins a long list of GE's legendary products. So you can be sure that it's designed with the meticulous attention to detail that GE is so famous for. 

Yet things can still go wrong.

So to mitigate this risk, the GE FCM7SUWW chest freezer comes with a one year warranty on parts and labor...

In effect, GE undertakes to remedy defective parts and poor workmanship that existed at the time of purchase. Just be sure to keep your receipt in a safe place should you need to invoke the warranty.

Competitively Priced?

The recommended retail price for the GE FCM7SUWW is $249.00.

Given the freezer's potential to help you rake in massive grocery savings, this is already quite a steal as it could pay for itself in just a few months.

But it's possible to get additional savings off at some of the major appliance stores. And renowned oneslike Home Depotcan deliver it for free and even haul away your old freezer, also free of charge!

Is the 7.0 cu. ft. GE Chest Freezer Value for Money?

You be the judge. Here are some reviews from real buyers to help you reach your verdict:

“Very sturdy and well put together, it does not look flimsy at all. This also runs nice and quiet."

“Just the right size for a small household with a prodigious garden like mine. Lots of room, but not too big to lose things or hog energy. No fancy features, just good frozen food storage."

“This is a no frills chest freezer. It has everything that I was looking for. Sliding baskets for easy access to the lower part of the freezer is a big plus...This freezer is great for keeping your ice cream frozen (and I do mean frozen)."

Methinks there's a flimsinessin the price, though.

Enough said.

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