Chest Freezers Are Time, Money & Health Savers!

Chest freezers are large rectangular or square models that open from the top, like trunks.

These appliances continue to grace many homes for a number of good reasons:

  • Owning a freezer is an excellent way to save money and time that would otherwise be spent shopping…
  • The above is especially true of freezer chests as, owing to their horizontal configuration and absence of many shelves and drawers, they hold considerably more food per cubic foot than their upright counterparts.
  • Because these freezer types are cavernous, they are especially ideal for storing bulky and oddly shaped items that would never fit in the drawer or shelf of an upright freezer.
  • The freezer chest is also an excellent tool for improving your family’s diet… With its ample storage space, you can freeze fruits and vegetables in season so that you always have an assortment of fresh, nutritious food. There’s nothing quite like enjoying summer berries during winter!
  • You can save time by doubling up on recipes when you cook, so that you have a batch to freeze and then reheat on nights when you just don’t feel like cooking. With a freezer chest, you always have a variety of excellent meal options on hand.

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Clearly, it’s hard to dispute the benefits of owning a freezer chest.

Unfortunately, many people think this type of freezer is too expensive to buy and operate. Or, they don’t know what issues to consider while on a freezer hunt.

In fact, buying a freezer chest is easy, and you can shop for the best models by brand, size or energy efficiency.

So when shopping for the best model for your needs, you'll likely be spoiled for choice, as you'll see in a minute.

Top Rated Freezer Chest Brands

As you shop for your new freezer, reliability will probably be high on your requirements list.

There are many reliable freezer brands available from such top-rated names as Frigidaire, Whirlpool, Maytag, GE, Danby, Amana, Haier, Avanti, Holiday, Kenmore, Westinghouse, Magic Chef and Igloo.

Each of these companies offers freezers in a variety of sizes and price points and with various combinations of features.

So you should be able to find one which offers the most ideal benefit set for your specific needs.

Bestselling Energy Star Certified Freezer Chests

Every consumer should be energy conscious, and buying freezer chests that are energy efficient is one simple way to do your part to keep costs down and to conserve the environment.

In fact, the increased efficiency of a new Energy Star freezer chest can mean big savings over the lifetime of the appliance via lower electric bills and rebates from your energy company...

This is in addition to the massive savings that come from shopping for groceries in bulk.

So, it’s definitely worth seeking out these top performers:

  • Besides energy efficiency, the Frigidaire 12.9 cubic foot freezer chest (Model # FFCH13M2MW), which is designed and manufactured in the USA, comes with a number of benefits. These include interior lighting, a power indicator light, a lock that comes with an auto eject key and a defrost drain.
  • The stylish GE 14.8 cubic foot freezer chest (Model # FCM15PUWW), which is a runaway bestseller, complements its innovative energy efficiency with several must-have features. These include interior lighting, adjustable temperature controls, a power on light, 4 lift out storage trays, a defrost drain and a quiet motor.
  • The Whirlpool 14.8 cubic foot freezer chest (Model # EH151FXTQ) is much loved for its lock and key, temperature controls with an unbelievable 8 temperature settings, and 2 storage baskets that are excellent for storing tiny food items.

Different Chest Freezer Sizes to Suit Different Families

Freezers, including chests, generally come in 4 size categories - compact (with up to 5 cu. ft. capacity), small (6-9 cu. ft.), medium (12-18 cu. ft.) and large (18 cu. ft. and over).

Compact Freezers

Compact freezers are perfect for singles, small families or those who live in tiny apartments. The bestselling compact freezer chests, in increasing capacity, are:

  • The 2.1 cu. ft. Avanti CF65, arguably the world’s most compact freezer chest, is an incredible space saver. The benefits that are packed into this compact beauty include a power indicator light, adjustable temperature control, a storage basket and a defrost drain.
  • The nifty Danby 3.6 cu. ft. freezer chest (Model # DCF401W1) comes with temperature control, a storage basket and a deforest drain. Plus, because it weighs only 80 lb. (36.3 kg), and has 2 rear casters, it is easy  to move around.
  • The Igloo 3.6 cu. ft. chest freezer (Model # FRF434) has 2 power indicator lights, a temperature dial, storage basket and defrost drain as standard features. 
  • The 5.0 cu. ft. Frigidaire (Model # FFFC05M4NW), which is made in the USA, is one of mini deep freezers that consistently receive consumer rave reviews. This is thanks to its reliable power indicator light, adjustable temperature control, handy storage basket and defrost drain.
  • The 5.0 cu. ft. GE chest freezer (Model # GE FCM5SUWW), is the most popular of the best selling compact chest freezers. Its beneficial raft of features includes a power on light, adjustable temperature control, a sturdy storage basket and a defrost drain.
  • The 5.0 cu. Ft. Black & Decker freezer (Model # BFQ50) is one of the leading chest freezer models on sale today. It offers benefits associated with a front mounted thermostat dial, a strong wire storage basket and a defrost drain.

Small Chest Freezers

Small freezer chests are incredible space savers and are ideal for single people, small families or those who live in RV homes or small apartments.

The top models in this category are:

  • The GE 7.0 cu. ft. freezer (Model # GE FCM7SUWW) which has a durable look and feel is packed with a number of handy benefits. These include a power on light, 2 storage baskets, a defrost drain and a smudge and finger-proof textured aluminum exterior. 
  • The affordable Haier 7.1 cu. ft. chest freezer (Model # HCM071AW) comes with a power indicator light, adjustable temperature control, a corrosion-proof wire basket and a defrost drain.
  • The 7.2 cu. ft. Frigidaire (Model # FFC0723GB) isn’t just a space saver, its black cabinet is a great addition to kitchens with dark décor. It also comes with a power on indicator light, mechanical temperature controls, rust-proof storage baskets and a deforest drain.
  • The attractive GE 8.8 cubic foot freezer chest (Model # FCM9DTWH) will stand up to the most demanding of uses. Its interior lighting, 2 lift out baskets, a lock and key, and adjustable temperature controls and an interior light make it a perfect investment for anyone who is looking for a freezer that gets its primary jobof keeping food frozendone.

Medium Freezers

If you are looking for a medium size chest freezer, you should check out these 2 leading models:

  • The highly rated 14.8 cubic foot GE chest (Model # FCM15PUWW) is energy efficient and lockable. The model also includes 4 lift out trays, an interior light, power on light and a lock with a key as standard features.
  • The Maytag 14.8 cubic foot freezer has an Energy Star rating, 2 storage baskets to help keep your food organized, and a lock and pop out key for safety. It includes a drain for defrosting and manual temperature controls. The door is very sturdy and can support over 200 pounds of weight without buckling.

Large Chest Freezers

If you have a large family and are looking to rake in savings through making bulk purchases, you should take a good look at these leading large chest freezer brands:

  • The 21.7 cu. ft. Whirlpool freezer chest (Model # EH225FXTQ) comes with a power indicator light, manual temperature knob, temperature alarm, defrost drain and 3 storage baskets that can be lifted out of the freezer completely in order to create room for bulky items.
  • The Amana 21.7 cu. ft. chest freezer (Model # AQC2213TEW) boasts interior lighting, power on light, 3 storage baskets, a defrost drain and robust insulation that ensures a quiet operation.
  • The GE 24.6 cu. ft. freezer chest (Model # FCM25SBWW) is much loved by consumers because of its sturdy construction, power on light, lock with keys, interior lighting, 5 sliding storage trays and defrost water drain.
  • The Frigidaire 24.6 cu. ft. freezer chest (Model # FGCH25M8LW) is a wholly US-made, tried and tested brand and is energy star rated. It also comes with a power indicator light, interior lighting, adjustable temperature controls, defrost drain and Frigidaire’s patented SpaceWise Organization System (which consists of dividers and pre-printed labels) to help you organize your food.

What Is A Time & Money-saving Appliance Really Worth?

A freezer chest is a convenient addition to your life, enabling you to ensure that there is always a variety of foods available for any occasion.

Whether it’s a holiday celebration or an impromptu get together with friends or family, you can always have something delicious waiting in your freezer.

In addition, a freezer chest offers tremendous benefit to those who are on a budget but don’t want to compromise their family’s nutrition. 

Consumers save money by buying foods in season and in bulk and storing them in one of these cavernous freezers.

The saving on food more than offsets the investment in the freezer and its annual operating costs.

With the wide variety of models available in all sizes and price points, it's probably a good idea to check out the bestselling chest freezers.

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