10 Reasons The GE FCM7SKWW Chest Freezer is Melting Buyer Hearts

The GE FCM7SKWW chest freezer, with a capacity of 7.0 cu. ft., should be your go-to freezer, if you find the 5.0 cu. ft. GE model # FCM5SKWW too small. 

Here are 10 reasons you should consider investing in this beauty.

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1. It Can Hold About 245 Lbs. Of Food!

With a loading capacity of 7.0 cu. ft.—the cavity of the GE FCM7SKWW chest freezer is large enough to hold about 245 lbs. of food...

That's a little less that half a cow provided this is cut and packed in meal sizes.

That's an enormous amount of food for a small chest freezer like this one.

If a smaller, 5.0 cu. ft. chest freezer would be more ideal, be sure to check out the GE FCM5SKWW.

2. It's Rated Garage Ready

It is "Garage Ready," meaning that it is tested and proven to perform at extreme ambient temperatures that range anywhere 0°F to 110°F.

In other words, this freezer chest's compressor can handle the heat (and the cold) – literally!

So, if you're looking for an extra freezer to tuck away in your garage that has no heating or air conditioning, check out this small chest freezer.

This single benefit of one of the determinants of the GE model # FCM7SKWW's best selling status.

3. The GE FCM7SKWW Chest Freezer Is Lightweight

With a weight of 75 lbs. when it's empty, it's easy to haul the freezer into the garage or move it around your home as needed....

Out onto the deck when you and your friends and family have a barbecue or cookout and back into the garage or basement when your guest have left...

Hardly a likely scenario if the chest freezer was as heavy as lead. 

4. Small Footprint

With dimensions of H 33.5 in. x W 37.25 in. x D 21.75 in., it's sized to fit in small spaces.

Bear in mind though that the height increases to 53 in. when the lid's open at 90° leaving plenty of headroom to maneuver in a regular room or even garage.

Be sure to allow for back air clearance of at least 3 in. on the right of the freezer when measuring the floor area where you want to place the freezer...

Basically, you can't butt it up against a wall or other appliance—otherwise air won't circulate around the freezer well.

5. Power-On Light Tells You Whether Your Freezer Is Receiving Power

The  power "on" light gives you a visual cue that your freezer is working and your food safe—without the hassle of trooping to the freezer and opening the door to check this.

That way, you don't get needlessly anxious about whether your considerable food investment is secure.

6. Two Sliding Baskets Help Take Freezer Organization To The Next Level

With 2 sliding bulk storage baskets on either side of the freezer, you're better able to organize your freezer as most freezers in this price range come with only one storage basket. 

Plus, you can store small foods—that could be easily buried at the freezer bottom—in the storage baskets for quick and easy access.

The baskets are made of wire which makes then more durable. Plus, they are vinyl-coated to make them rust-proof.

7. Power To Set And Adjust Your Temperature

The  thermostat dial makes it easy to set and adjust the freezer temperature as needed.

You can set this temperature at any point within the wide range of -10°F to +15°F.

8. Manually Defrost Freezer At Your Convenience

This chest freezer is a manual defrost so you get to choose when you want to carry out this exercise. Your agenda clogged with activities this Saturday? Simply reschedule it for next weekend.

However, note that typically, you will need to manually defrost your ?? about twice a year so don't put it off too long.

The freezer comes with a defrost water drain that is conveniently located on the front face. This makes it easy to drain water during defrosting, so you don't have to clean up a large puddle when you're done with cleaning out the freezer!

9. One Year Warranty Gives You Total Peace of Mind

A limited 1-year warranty on the entire appliance gives you assurance that any defects in parts and workmanship that become apparent within one year of purchase will be remedied at the manufacturer's cost, not yours!

10. Eye Candy

The recessed handle gives the GE FCM7SKWW chest freezer a cool, streamlined look. But that's not all...

The exterior is a smooth white finish and the interior has a silver lining. 

So it's obviously a great choice if image matters to you.

Real Buyer Reviews

Pros—What Real Buyers Loved About The 7.0 Cu. Ft. GE FCM7SKWW Chest Freezer

Garage Ready Tested And Approved

The GE FCM7SKWW chest freezer is tested and approved to be garage ready. Opted to go with the GE chest freezer since our detached garage is not air conditioned and gets quite warm.

It cools well in the garage, even in HOT Arizona, Southern California’s or Texas.

Bought this model specifically because of its temperature rating as is it is used in an unheated garage in Michigan.

Live in Minnesota, where temperatures can dip far below 32 in the uninsulated garage, so needed a chest freezer that could handle those temperature swings. It can get over 115 degrees in the summer and in the 20's in the winter in my garage. This freezer works perfect no matter the temperature in the garage!

It was one of the few freezers that have a wide operating temperature range. It can withstand ambient temperatures of 0°F to 110°F which is well-suited for our attached garage here in Ohio.

Sits in a garage in the hot Georgia heat and stays ice cold.

Works Great & Reliable

It is only set at 3 of 6 on the temperature dial and that keeps the chest freezer at 0 degrees.

Keeps a steady temperature and nothing is freezer-burned or covered in frost.

The freezer just sits on my patio and keeps stuff at -10 degrees F.

The freezer went to zero in no time and is holding steady.

Cools very well – "like the North Pole." 

Also, the chest freezer has a great seal that can feel a significant amount of suction on when freezer lid is opened. 

Compressor operates quietly.


Dry weight of only 63 lbs. and hind rollers make it easy to move around – in the house, garage, and in the deck or porch. 

Small enough to fit into my garage, along with two large SUVs.

It fits in the back of our SUV, we drive a Toyota Highlander so you can pick it from the store yourself.

Power-on Light

The green (power indicator) light helps me to know that the chest freezer is still receiving power and that the freezer is working. 

Storage Baskets

Nice that this freezer has two baskets as most models have one. Good value for the money.

Two nice sliding baskets with lots of freezer space.

Love the two sliding baskets which can in handy. I bought other regular baskets to keep my food organized and easy to access.

It has the 2 top baskets. That are the perfect size to store items that regularly used.

Design & Durability

Sleek design

Robust design.

Attractive exterior paint job so it can fit into my living room. Besides being easy on the eye, it hides fingerprints and lends the freezer a clean, fresh look.

Bought because of GE’s reputation for quality.

Delivery & Installation

The freezer was delivered by 2 especially competent delivery men. 

Smooth delivery and easy install.

The two guys who brought it were amazingly friendly, hauled away our old freezer plus a 1960's GE refrigerator that's been sitting in my basement.

Cons—What Buyers Didn't Like

Will not cool below room temperature.

Frost is found all the time around the handles of the baskets.

Freezer was damaged with a crushed in right top corner.

Deep dents and scratches vs. no scratches or dings

Leaked coolant on all frozen food and it was ruined! 

No leveling legs so had to shim it.

The freezer works just fine the problem is with the lid. When you open it, it forcefully springs open. It's like there's too much spring tension on the lid and I've not found a way to adjust it. If you are not careful, it will smack the wall or whatever is behind the freezer.

FreezerHub Rating

As is evident from this review, the 7.0 cu. ft. GE FCM7SKWW chest freezer has a lot going for it. Plus, the buyers are wild about it. So we score it 4.8 out of 5; just shy of the perfect score.

Warming Up To The Cool GE FCM7SKWW Chest Freezer?

GE is a big name in the appliance market, having established decades of an enviable track record as reliable brand…

This 7.0 cu. ft. GE chest freezer offers ideal storage capacity for your meat and veggie overflow or berry harvest in the garage, house, screened patio or even hallway.

The GE FCM7SKWW freezer is retailing at $289 at Home Depot.

It’s standout benefits are that it’s "garage ready" and it offers not one but two (!) lift-out storage baskets. To put this in perspective, most brands of competitor small chest freezers offer only one basket.

So if these benefits are important to you, consider in investing in one before the model sells out. 

The savings you will rake in will ensure that the chest freezer pays for itself in a matter of months rather than years.

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