And The Best Freezer Bags Are...

Freezer bags are an excellent tool for storing frozen food. This is because they are cheap and lightweight. The best in their class will keep food fresh, prevent freezer burn and save you money because food is not wasted.

In choosing the right bag for you, you may want to consider brand, what food you plan to store, bag size and sealing method.

Other factors to bear in mind include whether need commercial grade, bulk, BPA free or airtight bags.

Ordinary plastic bags or sandwich bags just won’t do as they are not made to withstand the extreme temperatures of freezers.

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Top Brands

There is a wide number of brands available in the freezer bag world. These include Ziploc, Foodsaver, Handi Vac, Reynolds, Bespak, Hefty One and Glad.

These should be readily available from your local store.

However, if you find store shopping a chore, it might be a good idea to check out the online bestsellers at Amazon.

What Do You Plan On Storing?

Plastic freezer bags can be used to store a variety of items.

Some are designed to store ice cream while others are ideal for breast milk, such as the popular Lansinoh bags.

Others are great for omelet, soup, pickles, poultry, smoothies, meat, fruits, rice and bread.

So be sure to choose the right type for your needs.

Different Sizes For Different Portions

Freezer bags are made in different sizes.

Pint-sized bags are ideal for freezing small, individual portions.

If you are looking to maximize your savings, choose packs that have many bags in them, such as this one.

Quart size freezer bags offer storage for larger items.

One gallon capacity bags are the next size up.

The largest freezer bag for home use has a capacity of 2 gallons and you can check out the popular brands here.

Home Or Commercial Use?

Most of the bags that you find in the stores are made for home use, so…

If you are looking for heavy duty ones, be sure to look at the commercial grade ones. It is preferable to get the vacuum sealer ones because these create an airtight seal and increase the shelf life of your produce.

And, if you need these bags for commercial use, each unit will cost you less if you get them in bulk. Plastic freezer bag rolls are a great way to buy these in bulk without cluttering your working space with dozens of packaging boxes.

Sealing Type

Most freezer bags are sealed by tying a knot near the open end. Others come with a double zipper so that you can lock in the freshness twice.

Moreover, some require plastic bag clips and you can get these in a range of colors.

If you want all the air to be sucked out of the food to ensure a long freezer life, you will need to vacuum seal these bags with a vacuum sealer.

My favorite vacuum sealer is the FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System.

This is because it has 2 vacuum speeds, it has moist and dry food settings and a crush-free instant seal that protects delicate foods during sealing process. Plus, it conveniently come with an inbuilt roll holder and bag cutter.

BPA Free Bags

If you don’t want to run the risk of dangerous chemicals leaking into your food, you should check out the BPA free bags which are a good alternative to BPA free freezer containers.

These are certified to be free of bisphenol A and other chemicals that can be harmful to your health.


If you place a huge premium on the environment, you should look at investing in biodegradable ones. These decompose and are a good way to lessen your foot print.

If you want to reduce the trash you produce, it’s an excellent idea to invest in reusable ones.

To Label Or Not To Label?

Freezer labels are a good accessory to your bags.

This is because it may be especially impossible to tell frozen lamb and beef apart so labels will help you identify each type of meat.

In addition, labels are handy if you want to write the date the item is frozen and the expiry date. This way, you ensure that items that are frozen first are used first, minimizing wastage.

Which Freezer Bag Brand Is Best?

It really depends on your needs. With the range of bags above, there should be a brand that meets your needs.

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