5 Freezer Thermometers Which Are Super Accurate

Investing in a dependable freezer thermometer is a brilliant way to save money. 

This is because...

If your frozen food warms up beyond safe levels, it will spoil, forcing you to trash it. 

If on the other hand, the freezer is far colder than it should be, it will become an energy guzzler and lead to needlessly high electricity bills.

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And the good news is; an accurate, reliable thermometer need not break the bank and will pay for itself several times over in no time.

So we’ve scoured the market for the best freezer thermometers.

The top three bestsellers are mechanical; probably because they are easy to operate.

Plus, they are considerably cheaper than the other models.

1. Rubbermaid Refrigerator/ Freezer Thermometer Model # FGR80DC

This Rubbermaid freezer thermometer is the #1 bestseller.


Because of the raft of benefits it offers. Here's a rundown of what you can expect.

Temperature Accuracy and Reasonably Wide Temperature Range

This Rubbermaid thermometer measures and displays the true temperature of a refrigerator or freezer.

The thermometer’s temperature range is between -20° and 80° degrees Fahrenheit (-30° and 30° degrees Celsius), which is generous for its price point. 

This accuracy helps to ensure that perishable foods are stored at the correct temperature for safe preservation. 

This saves you money but also averts the risk of falling prey to foodborne diseases.

Easy To Read

This refrigerator freezer thermometer simultaneously displays a dial that is marked in both Fahrenheit and Celsius degrees. 

Plus, the clearly marked increments facilitate easy readings even if you don’t have the best of eyesights.

Many Uses

This Rubbermaid fridge thermometer is perfect for many uses. 

Besides freezers, the Rubbermaid thermometer is perfect for use in full-size refrigerators, mini fridges, coolers, or any other cooling-based food appliance.

Durable And Elegant Design

This refrigerator freezer thermometer's exterior is made of stainless steel and a shatter-proof lens. 

With this tough construction, it is able withstand the rigors of the most demanding professional and home kitchens, even with frequent use.

The stainless steel also adds an elegant touch to the Rubbermaid thermometer.

Super Lightweight

This is a featherweight thermometer in every sense.

Dimensions? 1 x 1 inches.

Weight? 0.16 ounces.

This means it costs very little to ship to you, it’s easy to install and it’s portable...

In fact, It's so small and featherweight, it even has a delta shaped hole so that it can hang on pretty much any merchandizing hook.

Easy To Install

There are 2 easy ways to install this freezer thermometer. 

  • It comes equipped with a convenient hanger, allowing it to be suspended from a freezer or fridge metallic rack. 
  • Its self-standing design also allows it to stand upright on any flat surface such as a fridge or freezer shelf.

Battery Free Design

This mechanical thermometer does not need to be powered by any battery to operate. 

It will read the temperature straight out of the box.

It is maintenance-free, and you won't have to deal with low-battery anxiety. 

But that's not all…

You can save the money that you would have spent on multiple battery replacements over the life of this thermometer.

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Certified

The Rubbermaid freezer thermometer is certified by NSF as safe for use with food and won't contaminate any food it comes into contact with.

NSF has also given it the all-clear to be used in home and commercial kitchen enviornments and restaurants.

2. Taylor Classic Series Large Dial Fridge/Freezer Thermometer Model # 5924

The Taylor Thermometer Model # 5924 is the second bestselling freezer thermometer.

Here's why it is a buyer favorite.

Extra Large Dial

The extra-large and colorful 3 IN analog dial makes it super easy to read the temperature. 

Plus, it features safe temperature zone indicators. So it just doesn't read the temperature, it indicates whether this temperature is within the safe zone.  

If it is in the danger zone, you are able to take corrective measures to stop your food from spoiling and ending up in a dumpster.

Made For Durability

This Taylor fridge freezer thermometer has a durable stainless steel casing. 

This doesn't just make the thermometer corrosion-resistant; it promises to give you years of dependable service.

Small & Lightweight

This Taylor thermometer is small and portable. 

Weight? 3.04 ounces.

Dimensions? 4.92 IN x 1.57 IN x 7.09 IN.

It is therefore a great choice if you're looking for a thermometer to lug around between home and campsites.

It's so lightweight, it can be hung via its delta shaped hanging hole area without bringing down the merchandizing hooks. That's how portable it is.

Versatile Installation Options

This Taylor freezer thermometer can be:

  • Hung from a rack with its integrated hook or 
  • Stood via its base on a flat surface such as a fridge or freezer shelf.

Highly Accurate

The Taylor thermometer is loved by buyers because of its renowned accuracy. 

Investing in this thermometer will ensure that food and medicines are kept safe with readings from -20°F to 80°F (-30° and 30° degrees Celsius). 

Safe For Use With Food

This thermometer has no mercury and is therefore safe to use with food. 

Instead of the mercury which is harmful to your health if it spills, this thermometer has a steel spring inside to help it measure the temperature – in a way that doesn't pose risks to your health.

One Year Limited Warranty

This thermometer is backed by a 1-year warranty so... 

In the unlikely event that the thermometer dies on you owing to defective parts and labor, the manufacturer Taylor Precision Instruments, will repair or replace it free of charge.

So you can invest in it with confidence.


This thermometer currently sells for well under $10. That is great value, considering all its benefits outlined above.

3. Wrenwane Digital Refrigerator Freezer Thermometer

The white Wrenwane freezer thermometer, which is commercial grade, is a consumer favorite, ranking an enviable third among the 5 top freezer thermometer bestsellers. 

Here's why:

Wide Temperature Range

The Wrenware thermometer boasts a temperature range of -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C). 

So it has a wide range of applications. You can use it in the refrigerator, freezer or even as a general room thermometer.

Disarmingly Simple, Minimalist Design

The Wrenwane commercial refrigerator thermometer spots a no-frills design with no unnecessary bells and whistles. 

So you won't have to contend with unnecessary menus, buttons, settings and alarm sounds. 

But crucially, it gets the job done; it keeps your food safely at the set temperatures.

Super Easy To Operate

If you hate reading through bulky manuals before you can operate your equipment, you're in luck. 

Absolutely no instructions are necessary to operate this Wrenwane freezer thermometer. 

In fact, it has only 2 buttons: 

  1. An on/off power button and 
  2. One button to switch between Celsius or Fahrenheit degrees. 

That's it! That's all! 

In addition, these buttons are at the back so you get a seamless, minimalist front.

This is probably the simplest deep monitoring electronic thermometer on the market.

How cool is that?

Large, Easy-To-Read Digits

The Wrenwane thermometer's big, bold digital display is easily visible across virtually any room even for those with impaired eyesight. 

Checking the temperature is easy peasy, thanks to the large 3 IN x 2.6 IN display, which is easy to read.

Just a glance from across the room and you can easily read the display with it's big bold digits. Not a dial in sight!

Plus, it offers you tried and tested quartz technology which is considered more accurate than what mechanical thermometers would offer you.

It's also more specific, as it displays the temperature down to the decimal point.

Magnetic Back, Stand And Hook For Hanging

The Wrenwane digital thermometer comes with 3 options for placement. You can either:

  1. Place it on a freezer or refrigerator shelf with the provided kick-out stand, or
  2. Flip the stand over and use the hook to hang it on a freezer/ refrigerator shelf.

3. Stick it to the freezer/ refrigerator door with the rear magnet it you want to use it as a room thermometer.


Priced at under $10, this Wrenware freezer thermometer offers excellent value for money. 

Essentially, it costs you less than 3 venti caffe lattes from Starbucks but gives you years of unfailing service.


The Wrenwane freezer thermometer's elegant design is easy on the eye.

How so?

It spots a white casing with a classy silver trim to complete the look.

Lightweight & Portable

The thermometer's weight? 

Just 0.32 ounces.

It's dimensions?

3 IN x 2.6 IN x 0.8 IN.

Basically, this thermometer is small enough to take with you when you're on the go.

But even if you don't have intentions of ferrying it around, you don't want your thermometer to needlessly hog your premium freezer space if a smaller one can get the job done.

Just One Battery Needed

It requires a single coin-type CR2032 battery to operate, which, thankfully, is included. 

Moreover, subsequent replacements will set you back less that $1 if you buy them in a multi value blister pack! 

What a steal! 

Wide Temperature Range 

The temperature range is from -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C) allowing you to use this in the fridge, freezer or as a general room thermometer.

4. AcuRite 00515M Refrigerator/ Freezer Thermometer With 2 Wireless Temperature Sensors & Customizable Alarms 

While the AcuRite freezer thermometer model # 00515M is the fourth bestselling on our list, it is the # 1 bestselling wireless freezer thermometer. 

So what's included in the box? 

  1. One digital thermometer display (to display both the freezer and fridge temperatures),
  2. One refrigerator thermometer sensor and, 
  3. One freezer thermometer sensor.

Why do buyers rave about this important freezer accessory?

Wireless Operation

With this wireless thermometer set, you don't have to get closer to your freezer or open the freezer door to carry out a temperature check.

Using two wireless, remote thermometer sensors communicating with a remotely located display, you will be able to monitor the temperatures of the relevant environments. 

So you could be in your upstairs bedroom and still be able to monitor the temperature of your freezer which could be located in the kitchen, basement or garage. 

The key is that display unit is within about 45 feet from the thermometer sensors. Note that solid walls, doors, corners and concrete floors will reduce the working range.

You will also be alerted when freezer or refrigerator temperatures are out of your preset ranges.

Dual-Purpose Fridge And Freezer Thermometer

This AcuRite thermometer set manages the enviable feat of being in two places at once...

One sensor in the refrigerator and the other in the freezer. 

Obviously, the one a picture of a little frost (left in the picture to the right of this text) is for the freezer...

While the one with a drop (right in the picture) is for the refrigerator.

That being said, you can simply have each sensor in a freezer, for a total of 2 freezers. 

These sensors then each transmit readings to the digital thermometer display.

Super Wide Temperature Range

The standout benefit of this AcuRite thermometer is that it is a wide temperature thermometer, the widest of all the 5 thermometers reviewed here.

The temperature sensors included with this unit can accurately measure temperatures from -40° F to 99° F (-40° C to 70° C). 

The range of tolerance for accuracy on these units is +/- 2°F (+/- 1°C).

Inbuilt, Customizable Temperature Alarms

This AcuRite instrument doesn't just measure and relay temperature readings to you. 

The programmable alarm notifies you audibly and visually when temperatures exceed your set minimum or maximum range.

It also alerts you to temperature spikes caused by mistakenly leaving the fridge or freezer door open, or when the appliance fails, causing the temperature to rise, dip or fluctuate. 

When the alarm goes off, pressing the alarm button on the display silences the alarm for 5 minutes or until you insert the sensor back in the fridge/ freezer and the sensor gets back below the set point.

The alarm function is especially helpful because it enables you to take timely action to avert food spoilage. 

As you already know, spoiled trashed food = wasted money. On the other hand, consuming spoiled food leads to foodborne diseases such as E coli, Hepatitis A, Nontyphoidal Salmonella, Norovirus, Shigella, Salmonella Typhi.

So an alarm plays a crucial role in thwarting both the above.

Powered By Inexpensive Batteries

Each sensor is powered by 2 AA alkaline or lithium batteries (not included). 

Lithium batteries are highly recommended for use in sensors for temperatures below –4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 degrees Celsius) because the alkaline batteries cannot withstand colder temperatures and will die. 

One wireless refrigerator thermometer and one Wireless freezer thermometer digital display is powered by 3 AA batteries.

Wide Distance Between Sensors And Display Unit

The AcuRite Freezer Thermometer 00515M sensors on the one hand, and display unit on the other, can operate over a wide distance.

What is the maximum range or distance between each sensor and display unit?

The sensors need to be placed within 75 feet of the display unit… 

The signal between the transmitter and receiver is strong and you won't loose it plus there is a dip switch giving you the option of three different channels. 

Great range as I have it upstairs, where I typically am and the freezer/fridge units are a floor below and the range is easily handled.

Bear in mind though that the signal range can be impacted by sensor location and whether it has to maneuver its way through solid walls or concrete floor.

Does the display indicate if it's still communicating with the sensors?

Yes, below the temperatures, along the edge of the display on either side is a “Signal Strength” icon for each sensor. 

It should show four solid bars along with a bar that looks like a “T” for excellent signal strength...

If no bars are present, it means the signal to the sensors has been lost.

Digital Thermometer

This AcuRite freezer thermometer is a digital thermometer (not an analog one!). 

As a digital thermometer, this offer 3 main advantages:

  1. It provides temperature readings down to decimal points, for an accurate and specific reading. 
  2. It has a faster reaction time than a normal thermometer so you can expect it to calculate and update readings in a far shorter time.
  3. Its digital font is easier to read than its mechanical counterpart.

Easy-To-Read Display

This thermometer has a big and bold "digital font" that is easy to read. 

It is especially appropriate if your eyesight has begun to wane. 

Multiple Installation Options

Thermometer Sensors

The white thermometer sensors can be installed in either of 2 easy ways:

  • The sensors can be suspended from a fridge/ freezer wire rack using the integrated straps at the top of each sensor. 
  • The sensor straps can be suctioned to the back or side inside walls of the refrigerator or freezer. 

Thermometer Display

The thermometer display conveniently offers 3 installment options:

  1. The magnetic back, which is suitable for fridge/ freezer door mount.
  2. The kick-out stand, which is great for countertop placement.
  3. The keyhole, which is appropriate for mounting the display on a wall.

Powered By Readily Available Batteries

The digital display is powered by 3 AA batteries. Each sensor is powered by 2 AA alkaline or lithium batteries. 

Lithium batteries are highly recommended for use in sensors if these are going to be placed in environments with temperatures below -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 degrees Celsius).

The batteries are not included so be sure to order them separately. 

You'll need 7 AA batteries or 3 AA batteries and 4 lithium batteries

Elegant Design

The thermometer display's modern, brushed stainless steel finish is an elegant addition to any home or commercial kitchen.

And, the white sensors will blend into the interiors of most fridges and freezers.


You'd think that a thermometer set that offers all of the above benefits would weigh a ton. 

Far from it!

This freezer thermometer set weighs just 13.4 ounces.

The dimensions of the display are just 4.25 IN x 3.75 IN so it won't stick out like a sore thumb on the fridge/ freezer door, countertop or wall.

Limited One-Year Warranty

Chaney Instrument Co., the makers of this AcuRite freezer thermometer set, stand behind their product. 

As such, they will repair or replace the defective items that arise within a period of one year from the date of purchase provided the thermometer set has been properly installed and operated.

When you submit a warranty claim, remember to include: 

  • The model number 
  • Proof of purchase (receipt)
  • Date of purchase 
  • Place of purchase 
  • Reason for the claim.

5. AcuRite 00986A2 Digital Wireless Refrigerator/ Freezer Thermometer

The AcuRite Digital Refrigerator/ Freezer Thermometer Model # 00986A2 is the fifth ranked bestseller on our list. 

But it is also the second bestselling wireless freezer thermometer.

If you're are big on wireless thermometers, you'll love this one and are guaranteed to join its legion of fans.

What's in the box?

  • One digital thermometer display, 
  • Two temperature sensors, 
  • One instruction manual.

As it's made by the same manufacturer, it shares many of the beneficial features of the AcuRite Model # 00515M reviewed above.

But below are the benefits of what you can expect with model # 00986A2 Acurite thermometer...

The Wireless Advantage

You don't have to open your freezer door to see whether the freezer is functioning well, and that your food or medicines are storing safely. 

So your fridge/ freezer could be in the kitchen, rec room, basement or garage and you're still able to monitor the temperature from the comfort of your upstairs home office.

The only caveat is that for this set to work properly, the display should be located a maximum of 75 ft. (23 m) feet from the temperature sensors.

So, using the two wireless, remote thermometer sensors, communicating with a fridge/ freezer door, countertop or wall-mounted display you will be able to:

  • Be alerted when freezer or refrigerator temperatures are out of the preset range.
  • Store foods at safe temperatures to prevent food spoilage.
  • Avoid related foodborne illnesses.

Dual-Purpose Fridge And Freezer Thermometer

The two thermometer sensors measure and report the temperature in one freezer and one fridge. 

Or you can install these sensors in 2 freezers, instead, rather than in a refrigerator and a freezer. 

These readings are then relayed to the thermometer display unit where the temperatures are—well—displayed.

Wide Temperature Range

Its standout benefit is that this is a wide temperature thermometer. Its range is -40 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to 37 degrees Celsius).

Keep in mind though that it is recommended that you install lithium batteries for temperatures below -4°F (-20ºC).

Data Reporting And 90 Second Updates

Another important benefit is data reporting of the temperatures of the monitored environments, highlighting the high and low temperatures. These temperatures are updated every 90 seconds.  

These small, 90 second intervals, are purposely designed to empower you to take timely corrective action as soon as you notice something amiss.

But that's not all!

Inbuilt Alarm

See the pictures of little bells on the picture of the display unit of the Acurite freezer thermometer 00986 below?

Well, those denote the refrigerator and fridge alarms.

An alarm notifies you audibly and visually when temperatures exceed your customized minimum or maximum presets. 

In fact, the alarm will sound until the temperature has returned within the set range or the alarm itself is turned off.

While this alarm sound (noise, really) can be quite annoying, it's for a good cause…

It enables you to take remedial action so that you don't trash your food and your precious money that bought it.

Powered By Easy To Find Batteries

The digital display is powered by 2 AAA batteries. 

Each sensor is powered by 2 AA alkaline or lithium batteries. 

Lithium batteries are recommended for use in sensors for temperatures below -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 degrees Celsius).

Neither type of batteries is included in your purchase so...

Be sure to order value AAA, AA and lithium battery packs with your thermometer set.


Considering that the Acurite refrigerator freezer thermometer 00986 a 3-piece set with wireless capability, it is surprisingly light enough to be portable...

Weight? 9.9 ounces.

Dimensions? 1 x 5.8 x 2.4 inches.

So it won’t cost you a fortune in shipping costs. Plus it’s good to go when you are.

Limited One-Year Warranty

As such, any defective parts or labor that become apparent within one year from the date of purchase will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

The only condition is that the items have been properly installed and operated. For instance, using this thermometer in the oven would void the warranty.

When you submit a warranty claim, remember to include: 

  • The thermometer model number 
  • Proof of purchase (receipt)
  • Date of purchase 
  • Place of purchase 
  • Reason for the claim.

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Certified

The AcuRite freezer thermometer's materials, design, construction and performance are certified as safe to use home and commercial kitchen settings by the nationally respected National Sanitation Foundation (NSF).

The NSF mark gives the AcuRite freezer thermometer an edge over non-certified competitor thermometers.

So Which Freezer Thermometer Tickles Your Fancy? 

If you are going to invest in a big-ticket item such as a freezer that is doing to store hundreds or thousands of dollars of food or medicine, you might as well make sure it works well. 

A good thermometers helps with just that and a few basic ones top this bestsellers list. 

And if you want to take it up a notch, you can opt for a wireless one so that you don't have to keep trooping to the freezer to check whether it's functioning well.

You could also opt for a thermometer that has an alarm. The alarm will help to alert you immediately things go awry in the freezer. 

This will enable you to take corrective action to prevent food spoilage.

So why don't you go ahead and invest a tried and true freezer thermometer today?

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