Which Gallon Freezer Bags Are Worth Buying?

Gallon freezer bags are a staple in many households.

They allow you to purchase cheaper bulk packages or entire cuts of meat, portion them into meal sizes and store them for future use.

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But be sure to get the best value for your money. Quality freezer bags can protect food from freezer burn and prolong its overall lifespan.

Plus, compared to freezer storage containers, they take up much less room in the freezer because they are simply less bulky.

If you are going to add gallon-sized freezer storage bags to your shopping list, consider buying one of these top rated brands.

FoodSaver Gallon-Sized Vacuum Zipper Bags

With a reinforced double zipper, the FoodSaver gallon-sized vacuum zipper bags ensure an airtight seal.

These bags are designed to work with a handheld vacuum system, so you can remove most of the air from the bag and keep the food inside fresher longer.

They also have an expandable bottom, so you can set the bag on the counter or table when you are filling it. It will stand without toppling over.

If you want to know why FoodSaver freezer bags have captured the imagination of many customers, you can read more about them here.

FoodSaver Gallon Freezer Bags

FoodSaver also offers these gallon size freezer bags that are designed for use with heat sealing systems.

These bags are pre-cut to eliminate the guesswork that comes from cutting them yourself.

Plus, they are made from the trademarked "multi-ply" material to help limit the risk of freezer burn.

The bags' design has channels to block off oxygen while retaining moisture when removing the air.

They are BPA free freezer bags and are a good choice if you want to make sure harmful chemicals do not leach into your food.

Another nice benefit is that they can be tossed in a simmer pan or a microwave safely…

This reduces your household chores as you don’t have to transfer the food into another container just to warm or thaw it because you’ll still have to wash up afterwards.

Hefty OneZip Slider Bags

In life, there are few things that are easier than filling a freezer bag with food, sliding it shut and tossing it in the freezer.

The Hefty OneZip Slider Bags have a zipper that locks into place, so the bag stays closed after you store it.

The thick plastic that these freezer bags are made of also helps prevent freezer burn.

Seal-a-Meal Gallon-Size Bags

Seal-a-Meal Gallon-Size Bags are designed to work with most major brand vacuum sealers.

These pre-cut gallon-sized bags have multi-layer protection to keep your food safe.

You can store the sealed food in your refrigerator or freezer, then heat it in the microwave or simmer it directly in the bag when you are ready to enjoy it.

Ziploc Double Zipper Gallon Storage Bags

The Ziploc brand occupies an enviable spot as the undisputed leader of the freezer bag industry.

And the Ziploc Double Zipper gallon storage bags help to cement the brand’s strong position.

Each of these freezer bags has 2 different zippered seals to block out air and maintain the freshness of your food.

What’s more, you will see, hear and feel the bag zip being closed, so you can be completely certain of a tight seal.

Basic Ziploc Freezer Bags

Simple, but effective, these basic Ziploc gallon freezer bags have a Smart Zip Plus seal, designed to let you see, hear and feel the bag snap closed.

This gives you that much needed assurance that your food will freeze safely.

These bags help protect the flavor and freshness of food while warding off unwanted freezer burn.

Bottom line? These freezer bags can save money and help store your food more effectively.

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