GE FUF14SVRWW Upright Freezer’s Many Virtues

In keeping with GE’s legendary track record, the GE FUF14SVRWW 137 Cu Ft upright freezer combines quality, performance, appealing looks, value and an impressive feature set.

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Capacity and Dimensions

The 13.7 GE upright freezer provides an incredible 14.26 sq. ft. of shelf area. This is enough to hold up to 480 lbs. of frozen food...

And to significantly reduce your shopping trips to the grocery store.

Of course, you need to be sure you have large enough room for this upright freezer.

This GE freezer FUF14SVRWW’s dimensions (WxHxD) are 28 in x 60 3/8 in x 29 5/8 in. The depth when the door is open at 90° is 55 3/8 in.

When measuring the place where you plan to place it, remember to allow for back and side air clearances of 3 in. And, be sure that it can go through the doorway so measure this too!

Although its net weight is 164 lb, its shipping weight is about 189 lb. So, if you don't want to do any heavy lifting yourself, buy it at an online store that offers free delivery.

Encased Durability

With a white textured steel case, this quality freezer is built to last.

So if you are looking for a cool freezer that gets the job done and that will outlive the average freezer that lasts for 15 years, this one is right up your alley.

Keeping It Frost Free?

The GE FUF14SVRWW 137 Cu Ft upright freezer is frost-free, and is a great choice if manually defrosting a freezer doesn’t make the list of your favorite household chores.

A frost-free freezer has 2 important components: a heating coil and a temperature sensor.

Around 4 times a day, the heating coil, which is located close to the freezer coils, comes on to melt any frost that has built around the freezer coils.

When all the frost has melted and the temperature sensor senses that the freezer is beginning to warm up, the heater automatically switches itself off.

The cycle is repeated to ensure that no ice builds up in the freezer that would make it require manual defrosting.

Go Digital!

The electronic temperature control mounted on the door of the upright freezer is bound to impress you if you are on a mission to go digital...

Plus, the back lit LCD display gives the freezer a contemporary look. What's more, it makes setting, reading and monitoring temperature easy, accurate and fun.

Oodles of Storage Options

This GE freezer upright comes with a range of versatile storage solutions which make food organization a snap.

These include 3 durable wire shelves, 1 of which is adjustable.

But that's not all!

It also has a slide-out storage basket which is ideal for freezing bulkier items.

The above are complemented with 5 freezer door shelves which are great for storing frequently used items, such as tomato paste.

Lock Out The Pilferers For Good!

The GE FUF14SVRWW 13.7 cu ft upright freezer comes with a lock.

As with all locks, this is a great feature for keeping unauthorized people from accessing your food as only those with a key will be able to retrieve it...

This will obviously address the risk of food theft which, unfortunately is on the increase in America.

Don’t Be Alarmed!

The GE freezer FUF14SVRWW model has an inbuilt audible temperature alarm which alerts you when set high and low temperature limits are exceeded...

This is an excellent early warning system that enables to take corrective measures to avert the spoilage of your food investment.

And, an inbuilt alarm means you don’t have to spend precious money investing in one.

Then you don’t have to spend precious time figuring out how to configure it to work with your GE upright freezer.

When It Has To Look Good

If outward appearance is just as important as what’s inside, you’ll be pleased to hear that this GE upright freezer has a coil-free back...

This means the evaporator coils (that transport the refrigerant around the freezer in order to cool it) are hidden into the freezer’s cavity and are therefore better protected.

But a coil-free back is also easier to clean.

And it looks better, too.

Some Fine Touches...

This model also comes with a stylish high-gloss reach-through door handle that is a pleasure to touch.

This GE freezer has a magnetic door gasket that ensures that the door shuts tightly, helping to seal the cold into your freezer and keep your food well-frozen.

Join The Energy Star Galaxy

The GE FUF14SVRWW 137 Cu Ft freezer is Energy Star certified.

This means it has been independently certified to consume less energy than identically sized nut uncertified freezer models...

Two main benefits flow from this.

First, because it uses less energy, it translates into lower energy bills.

Second, because of its smaller carbon footprint, it makes the air more breathable, warding off a range of respiratory infections and making sure that your children’s children inherit a healthier planet.

Shh! Quiet! Is The Freezer Still Working?

Thanks to its baked enamel-on-steel cabinet liner and a wrap around the condenser, this GE upright freezer operates incredibly quietly. 

It's a great freezer model to go for if you want to preserve your home’s tranquility and make the world a more peaceful place to live in.

What’s more, this quiet efficiency also results in lower energy costs, making it economical to operate.

Buy At GE’s Risk With This Warranty

GE is so confident about the quality of this GE appliance that they offer 1-year limited warranty on the entire appliance to cover parts and labor.

This means that subject to the terms and conditions, GE will repair your GE FUF14SVRWW 137 Cu. Ft. upright freezer free of charge if the freezer malfunctions because it was manufactured with defective GE parts or using poor workmanship.

All GE ask is that you use the freezer at home, not in a commercial setting.

Ready To Check It Out?

You can check it out here.

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