Glad Freezer Bags Are BPA Free And Leak-Proof

Glad freezer bags are made of clear plastic, making it easy to identify the contents.

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They are designed to withstand extreme freezer temperatures but are ideal for use in the refrigerator and pantry, too.

And they are also great for packing everything from picnic snacks, cheeses, meats, to fruits.

They come in quart and gallon sizes as we’ll see in a minute.

Quart Size Freezer Bags

There are 2 types of quart size Glad freezer bags.

The 2-in-1 zipper bags, and the more basic freezer bags. Both though are versatile.

Glad 2-in-1 Zipper Bags

Each of these 2-in-1 zipper quart freezer bags has 2 layers which prevents leakage. They are therefore excellent for freezing soup.

The inner pliable plastic wraps around the food item, locking out the air and minimizing freezer burn.

The outer layer provides more protection, ensuring that the frozen food item stays fresher for longer.

But that’s not all...

With the yellow-blue-green seal, you will always know for sure that your bag is closed and your food safe from freezer burn.

Plus, the plastic grips located above the zipper help to open the bag.

They also lessen the risk of the bag tearing or cracking after marking time in the freezer.

The convenient zipper glides easily and features an extra-wide, double-lock closure.

What’s more, these are BPA free freezer bags...

So if you’re looking for a brand that’s free of this potentially harmful chemical, the Glad freezer bags are an excellent choice.

Zipper Freezer Bags

These Glad quart zipper freezer bags are made with thick plastic to help prevent the food from getting freezer burned.

The seal is wide and especially tight, locking the taste into your food for months.

They are great for storing meats, veggies, cakes, cookies and even leftovers.

They can also be used in the microwave, too. Just be sure to open the bag a couple of inches wide to let the hot steam out.

There are 56 bags in each box and if you opt for the value pack of 4, you get each bag at only $0.08.

That’s getting each freezer bag that’s packed with incredible benefits for almost free! Is it any wonder that they are a consumer favorite?

Gallon Size Glad Freezer Bags

The gallon freezer bags are the larger of the sizes made under the Glad brand.

They also come in the 2-in-1 zipper bags, and the more basic freezer bags.

Glad 2-in-1 Zipper Bags

These bags are identical to the quart size Glad 2-in-1 zipper bags in all respects except size.

Here’s why you’ll be glad you made these Glad gallon bags your freezer bag of choice:

  • The double layers give your food double protection whether you’ve tossed it in the freezer, shelved it in the pantry or thrown it in the picnic basket.
  • The inner pliable plaster clings to the food, minimizing freezer burn.
  • The plastic grips make handling the bag and prizing it open easier.
  • It’s BPA free, so this harmful chemical won’t leak into your food during storage.

Gallon Size Zipper Freezer Bags

These Glad gallon size zipper freezer bags mirror the quart size zipper bags in all respects except size; as they are larger.

So here’s what you can expect:

  • The thick plastic envelops your food with protection against freezer burn.
  • A wide, tight seal locks the freshness into your food.
  • It’s a microwavable freezer bag. Just be sure to open the bag a little wide before placing it in the microwave to let it vent.
  • It provides convenient storage for family-sized portions of fruit, veggies, homemade treats, cheeses and meats.

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