The Kenmore 28262 Upright Freezer Is Perfect for Small Apartments

The 12.1 cu. ft. Kenmore 28262, one of the Kenmore upright freezer bestsellers, is perfect for small apartments.

It doesn't pretend to be a high end freezer and only has a modest set of features—frost free operation, flexible storage options, and mechanical controls.

However, it gets the job—of freezing your food—done.

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3D Measurements

When you live in a small apartment or condo, it's amazing how all space is at a premium.

And, to compound matters, you often don't have a basement or garage to fall back on if the freezer doesn't fit in the apartment.

It's therefore especially important to be triple sure that you have a large enough floor area and sufficient headroom for the Kenmore 28262.

The model's dimensions are: 
Depth with handle:       31-1/8"
Depth without handle:   28-1/2"
Height to top of case:    59-1/4"
Height to top of hinge:   60-1/4"
Width:                          28"

If you find that you have a little wiggle room and could use a little more frozen storage space, you should check out the 13.7 cu. ft. Kenmore 28432 instead.

Storage Capacity

The Kenmore 28262 has a storage capacity of 12.1 cu. ft. That's enough space to comfortably hold up to 400 pounds of frozen food.

If you live alone or are a couple, this appliance is a great tool for saving time and money, by buying more, less frequently.

Shelves, Bins and a Trivet

This 12.1 cu. ft. Kenmore upright freezer offers 3 storage categories (fixed wire shelves, 1 trivet and 5 door bins), each of which is ideal for a particular freezing need.

The 3 wire shelves store the most food both because they provide the most storage area but also because they are sturdy, thanks to their wire construction.

The 5 door bins are movable and provide flexible storage with disarmingly easy access in the freezer door...

They are therefore a great place to store tiny items that you need to find quickly—such as popsicles and other frozen treats—when hunger pangs strike.

A trivet is a stand with short feet. Its twin role is to protect the bottom of the freezer and to expand the freezer space. It does this by enabling you to store items on the freezer floor without letting them stick to it...

Without it, it would be difficult to remove items from the bottom of the freezer without tearing the packages or ripping the freezer floor. So it's that important.

Frost Free

Strictly speaking, a frost free freezer is really an auto defrost appliance in the sense that it has an inbuilt mechanism that frequently melts away any ice that is beginning to build up.

That way, ice never accumulates to those thick layers we see in manual defrost models.

If you consider chipping away at icy build-ups a waste of precious time and effort, you'll revel in the benefits that this frost free model brings.

Of course, periodically blowing warm air around the unit in addition to freezing food consumes electricity—about 586 kWh each year...

In this sounds like Greek, it's just a techie way of essentially saying that operating this freezer will cost about $62.00 in electricity each year, or $5.17 each month.

So while the Kenmore 28262 is not certified to be energy efficient, it's probably worth paying about a buck more each month for the frost free convenience.

Mechanical Controls

This 12.1 cu. ft. Kenmore upright freezer comes with mechanical controls. If you find the digital era a little too overwhelming, you can shut it out of your kitchen—certainly out of one of the most important kitchen appliances—for a while longer.

Instead of fidgeting with the digital controls, just dial your thermostat to the desired setting. Easy!

Sturdy Design

Kenmore have been making household products for more than a century so you can count on their track record in making durable appliances. And that experience shows in this Kenmore upright freezer...

Yes, it's all white.

And it has no security lock or alarms.

It doesn't even afford you the luxury of adjustable legs.

But it has a sturdy feel to it, as if the guys at Kenmore were laser focused on delivering a reliable freezer. Including bright interior lighting that makes it easy to find food—and behold this beauty—in the dark.

If The Kenmore 28262 Malfunctions...

And given its durable construction, that's a big "If", you can always invoke the warranty.

In essence, for an entire year from the date of purchase, Kenmore undertakes to remedy all defective parts and poor workmanship provided these existed when the freezer was bought.

So you can rest assured that if the freezer just goes dead on you a month after you bought it, Kenmore will repair it free of charge.

Of course, you shouldn't do anything that renders the warranty void—such as using it in a store because it isn't commercial grade.

Well Worth The Money

The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the Kenmore 28262 is $579.99. It may take months of hard work to save up this amount of money.

So is it worth it?

Well, here's what a real owner had to say, "Perfect for our needs. Quiet, efficient, keeps all food frozen at an even temperature."

So how much is a freezer that delivers all these benefits really worth?

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