The 13.7 cu. ft. Kenmore 28432 Upright Freezer is the #2 Top Selling Kenmore Upright Freezer

Although the 13.7 cu. ft. Kenmore 28432 upright freezer is the second highest selling Kenmore upright freezer behind the 20.6 cu. ft. Kenmore 28042, it's the freezer of choice for those looking for a medium size freezer.

To understand why, we need to look at what makes it tick (hum, really): its capacity, storage options, security features, alarms, design and price point.

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Dimensions, Dimensions, Dimensions!

External dimensions are probably the first important consideration you have to take into account before making a freezer selection. The dimensions of the Kenmore 28432 are:

Depth with handle:       31-1/8"
Depth without handle:  28-5/8"
Depth without door:     27-5/8"
Height to top of case:   59-5/8"
Height to top of hinge:  60-1/4"
Width:                         28"

How do these measurements stack up against those of your doorway, hallway or kitchen door?

And is this freezer too wide for its designated spot in the kitchen?

Also make sure that the depth of the spot is just right; otherwise the freezer will stick out like a sore thumb...

This isn't just unsightly (for those of us who are aesthetically-inclined), it will be easy to trip over and hurt yourself. In essence, if it doesn't fit, honestly, you should look for a smaller model.

Storage Capacity

The Kenmore 28432 has a storage capacity of 13.7 cu. ft. That's enough to hold up to 480 pounds of frozen food and is the perfect complement to a refrigerator.

With this frozen storage space at your bidding, you can revel in the luxury of a longer shopping list.

This is itself a huge time and money saver so if you think you need more of each of these, take a closer look at what this upright freezer has to offer.

Shelves, Bins and Slide-out Basket

This 13.7 cu. ft. Kenmore upright freezer offers a range of storage options.

Most of your frozen food will chill on 3 shelves, each of which covers the width of the freezer. These shelves are made of wire, which is obviously stronger than plastic.

But the benefits don't stop there.

Because they allow light through, wire shelves increase visibility in the freezer, making it easier to find the chicken capon you want to thaw overnight.

The door has 5 bins, which are great for storing an assortment of ice creams and sorbets, if yours is a family of sweet tooths. Or jars upon jars of nuts if you're a raw foodie. Or anything else you fancy.

The single slide-out storage basket is ideal for storing items that you use every day—perhaps tomato paste, ginger or garlic (by the way, these are so healthful, we should never let them be the domain of Asian cuisine).

Lock in Your Peace of Mind

The Kenmore 28432 is the smallest Kenmore upright freezer with a security lock. This is a great tool for controlling who accesses your freezer, giving you peace of mind that your food investment is secure and out of the reach of thieving neighbors and relatives.

But the security lock is also great for childproofing your kitchen. As we probably all know, little ones like to stick their hands in the most unlikely places, including freezers...

In doing so, they could unintentionally allow food to go to waste. But even more important, they could injure their delicate frames. A lockable freezer basically reduces the odds that this will happen.

Frost Free

Frost free upright freezers are increasingly becoming popular for a number of reasons.

The most cited one is that they eliminate the need to manually defrost the ice build-ups. If you find emptying a freezer, hacking at thick icy layers and cleaning up messes all too dreary, you'll be pleased to hear that the Kenmore 28432 excludes all these.

But there's another unsung advantage that is worth mentioning here. Because the frozen food packages are free of frost, they are easier to identify. So your hands won't get numb as you troll through your freezer, looking for the sausage pack you froze 2 months ago.

Frost free freezers have fans that periodically blow warm air around the units to melt any ice that is starting to build up. And because they must heat this air before they circulate it, they use more energy than the manual defrosts...

So be prepared to pay a little more for this convenience. It isn't much though. This model consumes about 621 kWh of electricity each year, which costs about $66.00 each year to operate, or $5.50 month on month.

Goodbye Mechanical Controls

This 13.7 cu. ft. Kenmore upright freezer comes with digital controls that make it possible to set and adjust the temperature to a decimal point...

That is far more precision than you can ever hope for with a mechanical thermostat dial that restricts you to 5-7 pre-determined settings.

The digital controls are large and are mounted on the exterior, making them easy to access...

A fleeting glance will give you peace of mind that your food is nice and cold, as it should be.

With an Alarm, You Won't Be Caught Off Guard

This Kenmore freezer has an inbuilt alarm system that will beep and flash when the unit's temperature rises beyond safe levels or when the door is mistakenly left ajar.

This is an excellent warning signal to alert you to take corrective measures to prevent your food from spoiling.

Because discarding spoiled food is just like throwing away money, it's one of the most painful things to do. So it's a good idea to avert this by investing in a freezer with an alarm.

Kenmore 28432 Upright Freezer Design

This isn't your average freezer with only bare-bone freezer essentials, though. In fact, it mixes standard and luxurious features with poise.

Although the cabinet, handle and door are all white, the door's textured finish lends the model a touch of style.

The adjustable legs make it possible to compensate for slanting floors so that the freezer operates optimally. For example, a freezer might not open unless the unit is placed on a flat surface. So adjustable legs come to the rescue when needed.

On a Price Watch?

The Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for the Kenmore 28432 is $579.99. Obviously, it isn’t cheap, but few big ticket items are.

If you’d rather pay a little more for a proven medium size freezer model than an unproven one, this one right down your alley.

And while at it, be sure to explore the potential time and money savings you will enjoy.

"It's a Real Pleasure to Own"

These are the unedited words of a Kenmore 28432 owner. And it's easy to understand her unbridled enthusiasm...

This freezer model combines simplicity with a dash of elegance such as a frost free operation, temperature and door ajar alarms, and digital controls.

And if its popularity is anything to go by, you could soon join the multitudes of the model's raving fans.

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