The 7 Top Small Chest Freezers Are…

The capacities of the small chest freezers on our bestselling list range from 3.6 cu. ft. to 8.7 cu. ft.

They can store from 126 to 305 lbs. of packaged food and even more when the food is in bulk form. 

Small living spaces are no longer an excuse not to stock up on sales…

And for parties, holidays, surprise guests and unprecedented crises such as those associated with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. 

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So have your popsicles, ice cream, acai puree, blueberries, meatballs, meat cuts, salmon, pizza and veggies ready to serve in a jiffy.

These small chest freezers are ideal for singles, small families or those who have to make do with small living spaces such as studio apartments, condos, urban lofts, RVs or micro houses…

Or for those nifty places such as rec rooms, offices and trailers.

Or for those who want the convenience of extra freezer space in the garage, basement, patio or terrace.

And owing to their size, these small chest freezers tend to double as cheap deep freezers, so they are kind on your pocket, too.

Owing to its small size, a small deep freezer typically won't offer advanced features such as a lock and keys, door open alarm and a temperature monitor alarm. 

Here is the range of the leading small freezer chests on the market, sorted by top sellers. 

So which brands make the grade? 

The short answer is GE, Frigidaire, Magic Chef, Amana, Hotpoint and Danby.

1. GE 5.0 cu. ft. Garage Ready Chest Freezer

The GE FCM5SKWW freezer, which has a capacity of 5.0 cu. ft. is a buyer favorite in the category of small chest freezers. 

So, what benefits does this GE freezer offer its lucky owner? 

Quite a few, as a matter of fact...

5.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity – Enough To Hold 175 Lbs. Of Food

The chest freezer’s 5.0 cu. ft. capacity can comfortably store up to 175 lbs. of food. Great space to freezer your ice cream, beans, broccoli, spinach, bread, salmon, chicken, beef, game and leftover food! 

Garage Ready Freezer

The GE FCM5SKWW freezer makes the coveted grade of garage ready freezers...

This means it's designed and proven to perform in extreme ambient temperatures that can range from 0°-110°F. 

Why does this matter? 

Well, detached garages are not typically heated during winter or air conditioned during summer. So, the freezer compressors would have to be pretty robust to withstand these punishing conditions. 

If you live in hot states like Florida, Texas or Arizona or colder states like North Dakota, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Michigan or Idaho, you'll relate. 

Basically, not many freezers could survive in a scorching or freezing garage but this GE freezer can.

Small & Lightweight

  • The freezer weighs only 63 lbs. making it easy to lift and move around the house and qualifying it as a small chest freezer in every sense.
  • The freezer boasts compact dimensions (HxWxD) of 33.5 in. x 28.75 in. x 21.25 in. the height stands at only 53 in. when the lid is open at 90° so it can fit in a tight space.
  • In order for air to circulate freely around the appliance, a 3 in. air clearance is required on the right and left sides and at the rear of the freezer. This also gives the lid the wiggle room to open.

Energy Efficiency

Yearly energy consumption is 218 kWh. This translates into a yearly energy cost of around $26 and a monthly cost of just $2.17.

Power-on Light

The power indicator light makes it easy to know if your freezer is working without having to go to the freezer and open the door to check.

Bulk Storage Basket

One lift-out, sliding bulk storage basket offers you the flexibility to organize your favorite foods and make them easy to retrieve.

The basket hangs on a recessed track so it does not interfere with the lid's seal.

Adjustable Temperature Control

Adjustable temperature control makes selecting the temperature of your freezer a breeze. Plus, it allows for a wide temperature range of -10°F to +15°F.

Manual Defrost & Defrost Drain

  • This manual defrost model gives you the power to defrost the freezer on your schedule. Your agenda full this weekend? Reschedule the exercise to next weekend.
  • A defrost water drain is conveniently located at the front of the cabinet and makes it easy to drain water during defrosting. 

Legs And Sleek Look

  • This unit offers leveling legs to help balance it on an uneven floor.
  • A recessed handle offers a clean look but also saves precious space by not protruding.

One-Year Warranty

The GE FCM5SKWW freezer comes with a limited 1-year warranty on the entire appliance.

This gives you peace of mind that if the freezer malfunctions the warranty period will be fixed at the manufacturer's cost.

Need More Details On The GE FCM5SKWW Freezer?

This 5.0 cu. ft. is currently selling for $259 at Home Depot and is eligible for free delivery on total appliance costing above $396 and up.

Given its size, this is, unsurprisingly, a no-frills small chest freezer and does not offer benefits such as electronic temperature monitoring and a door ajar alarm… 

But it does a good job of keeping food frozen however extreme the ambient temperature is.

You can read more about this GE FCM5SKWW small chest freezer, including our in-house in-depth review of its benefits and its pros and cons here. Or, you can check it out at the vendor's site here.

2. Hotpoint 7.1 Cu. Ft. Manual Defrost Chest Freezer

The Hotpoint HCM7SMWW is considerably larger than the GE 5.0 cu. ft. freezer reviewed above…

 So, the white Hotpoint freezer chest would give you more freezing space (42 percent more space, to be exact)...

Even though the Hotpoint brand is generally new on the American market, it is one of GE's brands and is quickly displacing similarly sized competitors as one of the consumer's small chest freezers of choice.

It's easy to see why:

How Much Food Can The Hotpoint HCM7SMWW Carry?

The Hotpoint HCM7SMWW's capacity of 7.1 cu. ft. can hold up to 248 lbs. of food. That is enough to store quarter a big cow (which can weigh anywhere between 175 and 225 lbs).

Lightweight & Small Footprint

  • Compact dimensions of approximately H 33.5 in. (52.125 in. when the lid is open 90°) x W 37 in. x D 21.625 in. makes it easy to fit the freezer in tight spaces.
  • The flat back design, back air clearance of just 3 in. and recessed handle are great space savers. So, investing in this small chest freezer will help you keep your home looking spacious, airy and free of potentially obstructing safety hazards.
  • The freezer weighs only 77 lbs. So, it is easy to move around an apartment and even downstairs into the basement should you have a change of heart about its initial location.

Low Electricity Bill

While the Hotpoint HCM7SMWW is not an energy star, yearly energy consumption is estimated at just about 252 kWh. This works out to a yearly energy cost of less than $30 or just $2.50 per month.

Bulk Storage Basket

The Hotpoint freezer comes with wire bulk storage basket (which is 15” long x 8” wide x 6.5” deep).

This is an ingenious way to compartmentalize your freezer and to store frequently used items that you will need to access quickly...

No more need to suffer frost bite digging up tiny items from the bottom of the freezer either.

Power Indicator Light

A green power indicator light is located on the front bottom right of the freezer cabinet. It quickly alerts you (with just a glance) on whether the freezer is receiving power.

If it's not lit, you are able to take timely remedial measures to protect your hundreds dollars of food investment.

Manual Defrost & Defrost Drain

A defrost drain, which is conveniently located on the front of the freezer makes periodically defrosting the freezer less of a hassle, as it eliminates the need to clean up pesky, messy water pools.

This is important to note as you will want to place it somewhere you can easily drain that melt off.

Thermostat = Temperature Adjustment

The thermostat dial gives you the power to regulate the temperature of your food over a generous range (-10°F to +15°F).

Plus, because it's front mounted, it can be conveniently accessed without opening the lid or pulling, turning or lifting.

One-Year Warranty

The 12-month limited warranty on the entire appliance gives you peace of mind that defective parts and workmanship will be remedied free of charge.

Real Buyer Reviews

These are the positive and negative reviews left by real buyers of this Hotpoint small chest freezer.

Pros—What Buyers Loved About The Hotpoint Chest Freezer 

  • Easy to set up – simply lift the freezer out of the box, leave it stationary for about 6 hours, then, plug it in. 
  • Cools down very quickly. For example, after a buyer set the thermostat to “4,” the unit cooled down to 0°F in just an hour.
  • This small chest freezer keeps everything well-frozen.
  • Power indicator light shows you, at a glance, that your freezer is receiving power and that your food investment is safe. 
  • The one-year limited warranty is on the entire appliance and gives you assurance that defective parts and workmanship will be remedied at the manufacturer's cost.
  • The compressor operates very, very quietly and won't intrude on your home's calm.

Cons—What Buyers Felt Wasn't So Great About The Freezer

  • Temperature control is located near the bottom of the cabinet which is difficult to reach. Higher up would be more user-friendly especially for seniors.
  • Furthermore, the temperature is adjusted via a slit rather than a knob. It is more difficult to turn this slit. 
  • Plus, because the temperature settings are simply numbered 1-7, it's difficult to set freezer temperature with precision. If accuracy is important to you, it might be a good idea to invest in a freezer thermometer.
  • No interior light. This though is not unique to this model as it is a complaint across virtually all the top selling small chest freezers. 
  • The storage basket is quite small. While several baskets would have been preferable, this would obviously have come at an additional cost. But you can buy additional storage baskets here.
  • There are no leveling feet under the unit, so if it is placed on an slightly uneven floor (as most basement concrete floors are) you will have to shim it to keep it level. 

Final Thoughts On The Hotpoint HCM7SMWW Freezer

At $269, the 7.1 cu. ft. Hotpoint model # HCM7SMWW is one of the cheap small chest freezers on a cu. ft. by cu. ft. basis. 

To put this in perspective, while it costs $10 (3.9%) more than the 5.0 cu. ft. GE FCM5SKWW, you can store 42% more food than that of the GE model.

Plus, it is a great choice for you if you find the 5.0 cu. ft. models a little too small. Or if you're are not looking for a garage ready freezer.

But if you're looking for a chest freezer with about half the capacity of this 7.1 cu. ft. Hotpoint freezer model, be sure to check out the white 3.6 cu. ft. Hotpoint chest freezer (model # HCM4SMWW).

3. Amana 5.3 cu. ft. Compact Chest Freezer in White with 2-Rollers

The 5.3 cu. ft. Amana top-loading chest freezer (Model # AQC0501GRW), which is made by Whirlpool Corporation, has two standout benefits which make it a consumer favorite.

  1. Its 2 rollers facilitate movement into and around your home, office or commercial setting. 
  2. Its "Deep Freeze" technology fast-freezes food to 8°F and thereby helps keep frozen food fresher for longer by locking in the juices.

But that's not all this Amana small chest freezer has going for it… 

Here are some more benefits you can enjoy:

Can Hold 185 Lbs. of Food

Its 5.3 cu. ft. capacity can hold about 185 lbs. of food.

This is handy as extra storage space when your kitchen refrigerator is full.

Lightweight & Small Footprint

  • A small footprint. With dimensions of H 32.5 in. (52.5 in. when the lid is open 90°) x W 30 in. x D 22 in., it will likely fit in the tightest of spaces. Plus, it only requires back air clearance of just 2 in. for it to vent so that it can keep humming for many years.
  • Empty freezer weighs only 79.4 lb. This, plus the benefits offered by the 2 rollers mean it's easy to move, even when jam-packed.

Low Energy Consumption

Yearly energy consumption is  215 kWh working out to a yearly bill of only $26 and a tiny monthly bill of $2.17.

So, if you're looking to enjoy the benefits of a chest freezer (such as discounted bulk purchases) without substantially increasing your monthly electric bills, the Amana AQC0501GRW may be just what you need.

Adjustable Temperature Control

Thermostat provides a wide temperature range of 9.5°F to -23.6°F (-12.5° C to -30.9° C).

This makes it easy to store everything from veggies (which can be safely light-frozen) to meat which needs to be frozen rock solid.

Removable Storage Baskets

An easy-to-reach sliding basket helps with freezer organization.

It also provides quick access to small frozen items and treats that would otherwise get buried at the bottom of the freezer, likely making their retrieval a frustrating exercise. 

Moreover, the basket can be quickly removed in order to create room for bulky or oddly shaped foods.

Manual Defrost Drain

Even though the chest freezer is a manual defrost, a drain is located near the base (bottom left) of the model to help with this often-dreaded exercise.

One Year Warranty

The 1-year limited warranty will keep you calm, assured that defective parts and workmanship will be remedied free of charge within one year of original purchase.

Just be sure to register your purchase or keep your receipt or other proof of purchase handy in the event that you need to invoke the warranty.

Leg Levelers & Door Swing

  • 2 built-in leg levelers help keep your freezer upright and leveled. So, you can finally say goodbye to annoying, wobbly freezers!
  • A top door swing keeps the door out of the way and makes loading and unloading your chest freezer with frozen treats a pleasure rather than an acrobatic balancing act.

Pros—The Cool Benefits of the Amana Freezer That Melted Buyers' Hearts

  • This freezer chest reached colder temperatures than many other small chest freezer.
  • Temperature of this Amana chest freezer holds steady.
  • The power indicator light that assures you that your compressor is working and that your food investment is secure.
  • It comes with 2 rollers and so is easy to move around.
  • It is energy efficient and won't run up your electricity bill.
  • The Amana AQC0501GRW is easy to install and will be hooked up within minutes of delivery.
  • "Amana fits in my teeny kitchen and I use it as temporary counter space, until my kitchen remodel happens."

Cons—What Buyers Didn't Like

  • Door can be difficult to pry open.
  • One basket is not enough. Thankfully, you call always buy additional storage baskets.

Ready For The Amana AQC0501GRW "Deep Freeze" Advantage?

The 5.3 cu. ft. Amana retails at around $265 and offers good value for money. 

If you're looking for a slightly larger chest freezer and want to remain faithful to the Amana brand, be sure to check out the 7.1 cu. ft. model # AQC0701GRW. It  costs just $289, making it considerably cheaper on a cu. ft. by cu. ft. basis…

The Amana AQC0701GRW is also "ready to roll" and offers the "deep freeze" advantage. Of course, as it's a larger model, it consumes higher energy – 248 kWh per year…

However, this works out to a cost of only $30 per year or $2.50 each month. This is a difference of cents rather than dollars when compared to its smaller counterpart.

So the Amana AQC0701GRW chest freezer is well worth checking out as it offers good value for money.

4. Magic Chef 7.0 cu. ft. Chest Freezer in White

The Magic Chef 7.0 cu. ft. model#  HMCF7W4 makes our top small chest freezers list. 

Here's why:

Can Hold Up To 245 Lbs. Of Food

Its 7.0 cu. ft. capacity can hold 245 lbs. of food. To put this in context, it can hold 2 fully dressed deer.

Small Frame & Lightweight

  • With dimensions of H 32.9 in. x W 35.4 in. x D 21.8 in., it will likely fit in tiny spaces. So, this appliance gives you ample storage for 7.0 cu. ft. worth of frozen foods in discreet fashion.
  • Note though, that when the lid is open at 90°, the height rises to 52.76 in., so be sure you have sufficient headroom. This is especially important if you plan on using it in an area with a low-rising roof like where the roof deck and eaves meet, such as in an attic.
  • The empty freezer weighs 69.4 lbs., making it light enough to move around for convenient placement without breaking your back.

Electricity Cost Is Just $2.50 Each Month

Even though it's not energy star certified, it's energy-efficient, consuming only 250 kWh per year.

This means your incremental electric bill for using this freezer model will only be about $30 each year, or just $2.50 per month.

So, this is not one of those freezers that will dent your pocket because they're energy guzzlers. 

External Temperature Controls

External temperature control lets you modify the interior climate without having to open the freezer lid. 

Plus, with the thermostat knob, you can adjust the temperature...

The freezer temperature can range from a minimum cold setting of 5°F to -12°F, which is the coldest setting.

Not One But Two Storage Baskets

Unlike other brands of small chest freezers which have 1 storage basket, this model has 2 bulk storage baskets which are great for organizing your frozen food. 

A nice bonus is that these baskets slide effortlessly, so you can quickly see the items underneath. 

You can, of course, also completely remove these storage baskets to create extra storage room.

Interior Divider To Facilitate Freezer Organization

The storage baskets are complemented by an interior divider for easy food organization. 

And, like the baskets, it can be removed as needed.

For example, lift out of the freezer completely to create room for larger food packages, bulky food or oddly shaped items, such as the main ingredient for the best roasted leg of lamb.

Bright Internal Light

Interior LED light illuminates the freezer cavity, making it easier to find and retrieve items. 

LED lighting has several advantages over incandescent lighting: 

  1. It is far, far brighter.
  2. It is more energy efficient and lasts much longer – so you won't be looking to replace the lighting bulb in a long, long time.

Manual Defrost & Defrost Drain

This is manual defrost model.

Manual defrosting is, admittedly, a grueling exercise.

A huge advantage though, is that you can schedule it for a time that is convenient to you. 

Something has come up on Tuesday evening? Simply reschedule it for Thursday evening without losing any sleep over this.

This small chest freezer comes with a defrost water drain which helps channel water during defrosting, with less mess to clean up afterward.

Leveling Legs

Adjustable leveling legs keep things steady, allowing your freezer to sit securely on the floor. 

This is especially helpful because most floors are not truly level. 

5 Year Warranty on Compressor!

A one-year warranty on parts and labor, and a five-year warranty on the compressor (part only).

The 5 year warranty on the compressor protects you from unexpected “big ticket” expenses right after investing in your freezer. 

The warranty on the compressor is one of the longest in the market, implying that the Magic Chef freezer manufacturers stand firmly behind their freezer.

A Small Chest Freezer To Behold

A recessed handle provides a sleek look and keeps out of your way, leading to less tripping and falling.

Pros—What real Buyers Loved About the Magic Chef HMCF7W4

  • Great size for small apartment.
  • Light comes on upon closing the door.
  • The great price point means that by investing in this freezer, you are getting value for your money.
  • Interior light is a nice extra. As already discussed most small chest freezers do not offer this benefit.
  • This Magic Chef chest freezer model is compatible with remote-read thermometer if you need your freezer to keep a precise temperature.
  • It's lightweight and easy to lift to desired location. You can also carry it out to the sunny porch to defrost and sun-dry quickly.
  • It's quiet. So, if you live in a bedsitter, it will not rudely interrupt your blissful sleep.
  • Easy to unpack, lift to desired location and locate the electrical cord which is secured inside the unit behind a panel that is labeled with instructions on how to open.

Cons—What Real Buyers Didn't Feel Was Great

  • The R600a Refrigerant leaked out after 1 year. Yet it would have cost over $300 to refill it, more than what it cost to buy the entire freezer.
  • The compressor died in 3 years. Lost hundreds of dollars of food.
  • Freezer model doesn't have a power on light to show that it is plugged in and working well.
  • Gasket built up frost. However, this was not a universal sentiment and other buyers said that the "gasket seals nicely."
  • Only got refrigerator-cold when it needed to get freezer-cold. 
  • Freezer "died within 4 months... can't find the receipt, so its listed for scrap."
  • Freezer only has one basket so difficult to stack stuff.
  • Came dented and scratched but these were cosmetic and didn't affect its operation. This is of course a packing and handling rather than manufacturing issue.

To Sum Up The Magical Magic Chef Small Chest Freezer…

Magic Chef is one of the sought-after brands as it is tried and true. Therefore, even the regular price of $229 for the Magic Chef HMCF7W4 is a steal. 

Remember, if a small chest freezer with a black cabinet better matches your décor, you should opt for the twin black model # HMCF7B4.

5. GE Garage Ready 7.0 cu. Ft. Manual Defrost Chest Freezer in White

If the 5.0 cu. ft. GE FCM5SKWW is a little small for your needs, you may want to consider the 7.0 cu. ft. GE FCM7SKWW chest freezer, which is also a bestseller.

The 2 freezers largely offer the same benefits. These benefits are detailed in the first paragraphs of this webpage.

The main difference is that the 7.0 cu. ft. GE FCMSKWW offers 40% more storage capacity than its 5.0 cu. ft. counterpart.

But ample storage space is not the only benefit buyers are raving about…

Verified buyers were excited about the benefits associated with the fact that this freezer model is:

  • Tested and specifically rated as garage ready
  • Offers reliable service
  • Is lightweight and is easy to move into and around the house
  • Has a power-on light
  • Comes with 2 storage baskets
  • Is well designed and durable and that 
  • Delivery and installation were seamless experiences.

Some of the issues buyers were unhappy with related to the fact the GE FCM7SKWW did not come with interior lighting or levelling legs. 

You can read our in-house detailed, impartial review about the GE FCM7SKWW chest freezer here and can check it out at the vendor's site here.

6. Frigidaire 8.7 cu. ft. Chest Freezer in White

The 8.7 cu. ft. Frigidaire FFFC09M1RW chest freezer is the largest bestseller in the category of small chest freezers. 

It offers a clear ample space advantage and then some…

Store Over 305 Lbs. Of Food

Its 8.7 cu. ft. capacity can hold over 305 lbs. of food.

That's enough to safely store half a cow, 300+ lbs. of elk meat, 250 ears of corn or whole pork loins in it and still have loads of room to spare for blanched garden greens.

Light Enough To Carry Around

The empty freezer weighs just 87 lbs., making it light enough to relocate around the kitchen or even the house as often as needed.

Plus, while not tested to be "garage ready," it's perfect for garage storage in most cities around America.

So, go ahead to stock up without jam-packing your kitchen freezer to breaking point.

Small Frame

As this chest freezer has dimensions of approximately H 32.75 in. x W 44 in. x D 24 in., it's an incredible space saver, given its capacity.

Remember to allow for back air clearance of at least 3 in...

Air has to be able to freely flow around the freezer to help it operate efficiently and extend its life span.

Power Indicator Light

A power indicator light will let you know, at a glance, that your freezer is receiving power and that your hundreds of dollars of food investment are safe.

Mechanical Temperature Control

The dial temperature control is conveniently located on the bottom right side of the cabinet exterior.

This empowers you to set and adjust the temperature of your frozen items from time to time as needed. 

The temperature band is itself fairly broad and ranges from -10°F (coldest) to 10°F (warmest).

Storage Basket

The freezer comes with one storage basket. This is a great place to store tiny items or those that are frequently used.

And, this basket can be conveniently lifted out in order to create room for bulky items.

Defrost Drain

The defrost drain takes the tedium out of the defrosting exercise as it helps to channel the waste water simply by tilting the freezer.

As such, it eliminates the need for any backbreaking lifting.

Low Energy Bill

Its annual energy consumption is 218 kWh, which translates to an electric bill of about $26 or just $2.17 each month.

Want proof?

Check out this energy guide from the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

While not certified as an EnergyStar, the FFFC09M1RW is over 22% more energy efficient than its equivalent 2013 Frigidaire model.

One Year Manufacturer Warranty

The chest freezer comes with a one-year limited warranty.

This gives you peace of mind that any defective parts and labor that become apparent within a year of original purchase will be repaired at the manufacturer's cost.

Pros—What Buyers Raved About This Small Chest Freezer

This Frigidaire chest freezer is great for empty nesters. We purchased the freezer to supplement our refrigerator freezer. 

The GE chest freezer comes with a hanging retangler basket in which you can place small things. Plus, you can slide the basket within the freezer.

It comes with one small storage basket.

Green power-on light let you know that your freezer is powered.  

It has a knob which you can use to adjust the temperature settings.

Operates extremely quiet and you probably notice when the compressor comes on.

The Frigidaire chest freezer gets super cold very fast – in 2-3 hours. 

Well built.

It is bigger than it appears in the pictures.

It has a knob where you can adjust the temperature settings and it's very quiet.

The defrost drain is located on the front of the freezer cabinet to make the exercise that much easier. So you can defrost, drain the water and be up and running again.

Always trust Frigidaire.


Easy to install – effectively a plug and play.

This small chest freezer's low profile (compared to an upright freezer) really opened up the room.

Switched from an upright freezer to a chest for more efficiency and usable space. This Frigidaire chest freezer runs very quiet and emits very little heat.

Cons—What Buyers Were Not Too Wild About

Refrigerant used was flammable.

The freezer was substantially damaged. It wasn't just a little scratch or nick but litterally one of the corners of the fridge was smashed in about half an inch. 

A small complaint is that the power cord is on the right side of the freezer near the front side. This  made it very difficult to reach a socket. Therefore, we had to stretch the power cord to almost maximum length in order to plug it into the socket.

Many buyers wished for a longer cord. 

Aluminum foil bottom made the freezer seem less durable.

It would be nice if the freezer came with 2 baskets.

Sometimes, has a tendency for the lid to open with difficulty. This is  because the lid vacuum-seals for a few minutes after it's been opened. Get all your items out at once or you will need to wait because you won't be able to pry the freezer open! Thankfully the door stays open without being held which is great! 

Doesn't have a lock.

Noticed some frost on the upper edges of the cavity although this was not a biggy as the food remains frozen as desired. This is not entirely surprising because the freezer is not frost-free.

Vibrations or noise in the freezer's compressor. There's a good reason for this. Modern freezers have increased storage capacity and more stable temperatures. These benefits require a high efficiency compressor. When the surrounding noise is especially low, you might hear the compressor running while it cools the interior.

The Frigidaire Small Chest Freezer With A Big Heart

This Frigidaire chest freezer offers ample extra storage space and is the largest of the top sellers in this size category. 

In addition to the raft of benefits it offers, it is an appliance to behold. This is because it has a white textured steel exterior. 

In a sense then, this small chest freezer is beautiful inside out!

It currently on sale for $359.10, 10% off its regular price.

7. Danby 7.2 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer in Black with 5-Year Warranty

The 7.2 cu. ft. Danby chest freezer model # DCF072A3BDB is one of the few black bestselling small chest freezers. 

So, why is it a buyer favorite?

Space for 252 Lbs. of Food And Then Some

The chest freezer has a capacity of 7.2 cu. ft. (204 L). To put this in perspective, this is large enough to hold 252 lbs. of butter or half a moose.

Empty Freezer Is Lightweight

The empty freezer weighs 79.7 lbs. making it a lightweight in the chest freezer world.

It is even easier to move around, thanks to its 2 rear rollers.

Small Footprint

If you are checking out small chest freezers, then dimensions are obviously important to you because you probably place a huge premium on your space.

You'll be pleased to learn that this freezer's measurements are H 33.38 in. x W 39.94 in. x D 22.19 in.

And, if headroom is important to you, bear in mind that when the lid is open, the height stands at 52.31 in...

Note though than unlike the other reviewed freezers that require a back-air clearance of 2-3 in., this freezer requires a back-air clearance of at least 5 in...

Thankfully, it compensates for this with a flat back design.

Kind To The Environment

Its eco friendliness is enhanced by the environmentally friendly refrigerant it uses...

Specifically, the R600a refrigerant this freezer uses has excellent cooling performance plus zero ozone depletion potential.

So this freezer is a good choice if you want to “think and buy green” in order to reduce your carbon footprint so that mother nature can better cope with the ravages of global warming.

Leveling Legs

The leveling legs facilitate installation as they help to balance the freezer on an uneven floor.

Can you see the levelling legs peeking at the bottom of the Danby DCF072A3BDB chest freezer image below?

They might be small but when it comes to their role, they punch way above their weight by keeping the chest freezer stable on pretty much any surface.

Chest Freezer Is Energy Efficient

The foam-insulated cabinet and lid trap the cold in the freezer cavity thereby making the freezer energy-efficient.

So, is it any wonder that yearly energy consumption is estimated at 252 kWh?

Investing in this freezer will keep a tight rein on your electricity bill.

Operates Quietly

The compressor runs unobtrusively and won't intrude on your home's serenity.

Generous 5 Year Warranty on Parts & Labor

This Danby chest freezer is backed by a warranty of 5 years parts and labor.

This is far more generous than the standard one-year warranty offered by most of the other competitors and is an industry best.

What's more, the warranty covers in-home service...

So in the event that your freezer malfunctions and you need to invoke the warranty against defective parts and associated labor for repairs, you won't have to suffer the additional inconvenience of emptying and ferrying the freezer to an authorized service or repair center.

Note though, that this warranty does not cover yearly maintenance which largely consists of professional cleaning.

Adjustable Temperature Control

The mechanical thermostat is front-mounted, making it easy to control the freezer temperature from anywhere between -11.2 F to 10.4 F.

Storage Basket

An adjustable vinyl-coated storage basket is great for storing smaller or frequently used items.

Defrost Drain For Easy Manual Defrost

A front-mounted drain allows for easy drainage of defrosted water during manual defrost, which must be periodically carried out in order to eliminate frost build-up.

Stylish Design

Is aesthetics is important to you, then the rounded, contemporary lid design, lined interior and subtle controls will delight you.

Pros—What Buyers Loved About The 7.2 Cu. Ft. Danby Small Chest Freezer

The 5-year in home warranty is hard to beat.

Love the color – it is very hard to find a black chest freezer.

It's energy efficient.

Looks nice

Works great and maintains the set temperature. 

Super easy to unpack, set up and plug in.

Lightweight so easy to move into home and set up.

Operates quietly.

Cons—What Buyers Didn't Like About The Danby Freezer Model # DCF072A3BDB

It died and most of the meat has gone bad. In order to mitigate this risk, please be sure to check that your freezer is working. If it isn't and 5 years have not passed since you purchased it, be sure to immediately invoke the in-house warranty so that you save your food investment.

The unit is pretty noisy. 

I experience problems opening it.

It would be nice if the freezer had a lock on it.

Our Parting Shot On This Black Beauty - The Danby Chest Freezer?

The Danby small chest freezer is a spacious, elegant addition to any home. 

It's energy efficient, kind on the environment and comes with one of the longest warranties in the world of small chest freezers so you can enjoy a worry-free 5 years from your original purchase.

One of the criticisms leveled against this freezer model is that it does not have a light inside so it's best placed in a well-lit room. 

If black better suits your décor, then this is a wonderful investment. If you'd rather have it in white, be sure to check out the twin model # DCF072A3WDB.

Which One Of These Small Chest Freezers Will It Be?

The market is flooded with countless small chest freezers brands but only a handful made our recommended list.

In all honesty, because of they are all petite, the chest freezers reviewed above are all basic by any measure. As such, they may not all have locks, interior lighting and other advanced features…

But they get the job of getting and keeping your food frozen at the right temperature—whether icy cold or arctic cold—done!

From beef cuts, marinated buffalo style wings to your favorite ice cream, keep your favorite foods on hand in your garage, basement, patio or terrace so that they are ready when you are. 

Plus, empower yourself to save loads of money by buying your meats in bulk or in multi-packs from your local membership store…

That way, you will have any of the above already reasonably priced small chest freezers paying for itself in no time. 

Take action to start raking in these savings today!

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