Best 7 Ziploc Freezer Bags By Size

Ziploc freezer bags come in a range of sizes. With everything from 2 gallon, gallon, quart, and half a gallon and pint capacity bags, you are bound to find a convenient size for your freezer storage needs.

It's important to note that not all Ziploc bags are sturdy enough to use in a freezer. Those designated as "freezer bags" are thicker than regular zip-top bags, which makes them tougher...

They are therefore well-suited for storing food in a freezer's biting cold conditions, including commercial freezers, which typically operate at temperatures well below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

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These Ziploc bags are ideal for freezing meats, fish, poultry, veggies, fruit, cheeses, baked treats and leftovers. They especially do a good job of protecting food from that annoying freezer burn.

Benefits that customers consistently rave about include strength, durability, reliability and the ability to create an airtight seal.

The ones reviewed below are the top selling Ziploc freezer bags, ranked by the bestselling attribute.

1. Ziploc Freezer Bags With Grip 'n Seal Technology, 60 Count (Gallon Size)

These gallon-size Ziploc freezer bags are the Number 1 bestseller among all Ziploc freezer bags.


10-9/16 IN x 10-3/4 IN. (26.8 cm x 27.3 cm).

So they are perfect for freezing larger portions.

They are also a great choice if you like to freeze your beef, game meat, poultry, fish, sausages and veggies in family meal size portions.

Or if you are a great fan of freezer cooking.

You can also store ice creams, soups and broths here because these bags are leakproof. Plus, they preserve the original flavor of all their contents.

They provide protection from freezer burn with the patented Grip ‘n Seal technology by S. C. Johnson & Son. 

If you thought the design of a see-through plastic bag couldn't possibly be intricate, you're in for a pleasant surprise...

Inbuilt in these freezer bags is a triple system seal. These consist of:

  1. Extended tabs 
  2. An easy grip texture and,
  3. A double zipper. 

So, what benefits do each of these features offer?

Extended Tabs

The extended tabs make it easy for both small and big fingers to open and close the bags.

That way, the young and the young at heart can enjoy access to tasty treats without wringing their hands or twisting their fingers...

This is definitely a hassle-free way to enjoy your finger-licking treats whether you're at home or on the go!

Textured Seal

The textured seal essentially provides a non-slip grip.

See, feel and hear the satisfying moment when you close the bags and capture the unbeatable freshness of your delicious and nutritious snacks.

Plus, you are assured of grasping a handful of your snack even when you've got wet or sticky hands...

This is thanks to the non-slip grip that this Ziploc bag affords you.

Lip-smacking good, right?

Double Zipper

The double zipper freezer bags provide double assurance that your food's freshness is locked in because they, well... have 2 zippers. 

Imagine the relief when you hear this double zipper whacking across the bag, assuring you that your food is secure.

Yet they don't cost twice as much as the single zipper bags.

Toss (literally) the freezer bag into the trunk in the assurance that the freezer bag is double fastened and your snacks won't spill out. 

Or take the Ziploc freezer bags straight from the freezer into the picnic basket confident that they will be secure until you are ready to enjoy them.

More Benefits Of The Gallon Ziploc Freezer Bag With Grip 'n Seal Technology

So the synergy of the 3 benefits is that you can easily grab, grip, open and seal the Ziploc bags laden with goodies.

But that's not all these Ziploc Gallon Bags with Grip 'n Seal Technology have to offer...

You can freezer your food in meal-size portions, saving time and making it easy to plan your meals.

Moreover, these plastic bags are BPA-free. So you can be sure that this cancer-causing chemical won't leach into your precious food and set you and your family up for this and other dreaded chronic conditions. 

2. Ziploc Professional Freezer Bags, Double Zipper, Gallon, 250 Count

The Ziploc Professional Freezer Bags come in a convenient self-dispensing carton.


10-9/16 IN x 10-3/4 IN. (26.8 cm x 27.3 cm).

Their manufacturing process of these freezer bags conforms with FDA's requirements for food contact so they are safe for storing food.

These Ziploc gallon bags which are purposely designed for freezer use consistently top the sales charts.

Here's why...

Cheapest Bag On The MarketEach Bag Costs Just 14 Cents

These Ziploc freezer bags come in an economy pack consisting of 250 freezer bags. 

At a regular price of $35.99 per pack of 250 bags, each of these gallon-size bags costs a measly $0.14!

Yes, you read right...

Each bag costs just 14 cents!

So if you've been looking for bargain gallon Ziploc bags for use in the freezer, your search is finally over. Now you can sigh with relief.

2.7 Mil. Thickness Makes Freezer Bags More Durable 

Each freezer bag has a 2.7 mil thickness.  

With this heavy duty gauge, these giant bags are better able to withstand pulling and shoving them frequently.

The thickness also makes these bags less prone to damage—such as from protruding bones in your meat cuts.

Thick Bag Keeps Food Fresh And Nutritious

Plus, the thicker bag prevents moisture and air from interacting with its contents thereby keeping your food at its most fresh and nutritious. 

Therefore, these bags are also a great tool to save leftovers that would otherwise wind up in the trash.

Due to its thickness, its more likely to remain faithful to its leak-proof benefit. So feel free to store broth or juice in them. Or simply store some ice cream in one of these ziploc freezer bags.

Prevents That Dreaded Freezer Burn

The bag's design unlocks the space-saving advantage which in turn better protects food from drying out and freezer burn.

This is because oxidizing air—the culprit responsible for freezer burn—is ejected out of the freezer bag but also kept from the surrounding space as there is no vacuum for it to insidiously hide.

Interlocking Zipper Locks In The Nutrients 

What good is food if it has been stripped of its nutrients?

Thankfully, these bags have unique interlocking zipper seals that securely lock in the food's freshness.

Every time you hear the freezer bag zip shut, you can feel confident that your food is well-protected and will be fresh and tasty when you thaw it.

Helps With Freezer Organization

These Ziploc freezer bags are also a great space-saving tool.

When, for example, you lay the lamb chops flat in the bag and then carefully place these bags horizontally in the freezer, the freezer will be able to hold more food... 

And, they have a gusseted bottom which offers 2 main advantages:

  • The gussets on the bottom of the bags allow them to expand to create more room for larger, thicker items. 
  • They can stay upright to max out the space saving in your freezer or even pantry.

So these bags are a must-have for any one who takes freezer organization seriously. 

White Label Panel To Write Bag Contents And Expiry Dates

The bags feature white label panels. Use food-safe and fade resistant freezer markers to write the bag contents and possibly their expiry dates.

This will make it so much easier to identify the bag contents when the time for their retrieval from the freezer comes.

You're Clear On The Freezer Bag's Contents

But the design of the freezer bags is also a marvel. 

I love the clear, show and tell-all bags, as they make it super simple to identify what’s inside...

So you really don't need to suffer frostbite rummaging through the freezer contents, trying to distinguish between frozen beef and chicken, or chopped spinach and cilantro. 

Does it get more transparent than this?

A Versatile Freezer Bag

Despite its headline description, this Ziploc freezer bag is far more than just a freezer bag. 

It's great for storing fruit portions and is therefore loved by smoothie enthusiasts.

It's also a great travel buddy, and a handy pooch pouch to help you organize your out and about  essentials.

Simply grab one of these when it's time to hit the road or the skies. No need to waste your precious savings buying additional bags.

And because this freezer bag is durable, you can use it over and over and over.

3. Ziploc Freezer Bags, Double Protection with Easy Open Tabs, Quart, 30 Count, Pack of 4 (120 Total Bags)

This is the bestselling Ziploc quart freezer bag and the third bestselling Ziploc freezer bag, overall...


7 IN x 7 7/16 IN (17.7 cm x 18.8 cm).

To be clear, you get 4 packs of 30 Ziploc quart freezer bags, making a total of 120 bags.

If you use these bags frequently and are looking to pay even less, consider buying the commercial pack that contains 300 Ziploc freezer bags. At the price of $26.21, the cost will drop to less that $0.09 per bag!

If both the above options sounds like way too many bags and you'd rather have a total of 75 Ziploc quart bags, then be sure to check these out.

From a feature standpoint, both the above are smaller versions of the Gallon-size Ziploc Freezer Bags With Grip 'n Seal Technology, 60 Count reviewed above as the # 1 selling Ziploc freezer bag.

But to recap, here are some of the benefits you can expect...

Smart Zip Plus Seal Which You Can See, Hear And Feel

The freezer bag comes with SC Johnson's proprietary Smart Zip Plus Seal.

This lets you feel, hear and see the bag close from edge-to-edge.

That way, you can be certain that your stored meat, poultry, and fish are protected from freezer burn.

Easy Open Tabs To Open And Close

Easy Open Tabs mean that retrieving your food from the bag need not be as difficult as nailing jelly to a tree!

Essentially the bag is easy to grab, grip, open and close.

Durable & Long Lasting

Each of these quart size Ziploc bags is made of durable and long-lasting plastic that won't tear or puncture easily. 

This is a huge benefit as it takes the fear out of stocking up on your favorite bone-in steaks.

Free From BPA, Which Is A Harmful Chemical

This 1 quart Ziploc bag is BPA-free...

BPA stands from that unpronounceable bisphenol A, an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain resins and plastics containers (such as water bottles) since the 1960s.

Why is it important for this freezer bag to be BPA-free?

Because research has linked BPA exposure to fertility problems, male impotence, heart disease and other conditions such as cancer. You certainly don't want any of this horrible stuff in your food.

4. Ziploc Brand Slider Freezer Quart Bags with Power Shield Technology, 34 Count

The Ziploc Brand Slider Freezer Quart Bags is currently the second bestselling Ziploc quart freezer bag pack.

The dimensions of each freezer bag?

7-7/8 IN x 5-7/8 IN x D 1-7/8 IN (20 cm x 14.9 cm x 4.7 cm).


2.6 mil.

So why is this freezer bag a buyer favorite?

It's The Only Bestselling Ziploc Freezer Bag With An Easy Close Slider

A standout benefit worth bearing in mind is that they are the only Ziploc slider freezer bags that made our bestsellers' list.

If you're wondering what this slider closure is, it the white plastic clip in the picture above. It sits prominently on top of the quart size Ziploc bag like a train car on top of a railway track.

Its benefit?

It makes the freezer bags easy to close and to open. To be precise, it eliminates the need to delicately align the grooves on either side of the bag and then press them shut...

Or the tedium of pulling and tugging at the bags open in order to access your food.

All you need to do is effortlessly slide the zipper to one end to close the bag and then slide it to the other end to open the freezer bag.

This makes these bags especially handy for use by younger children (under adult supervision, of course) or if you have limited dexterity.

The Ziploc's Easy Close Slider empowers you to seal in your food's flavour whether you're freezing wild-caught salmon, marinated chicken drumsticks or riced cauliflower without breaking a sweat.

Cheap - Each Freezer Bag Costs Less Than $0.12

At a retail price of $4.00 per pack of 34 bags at Amazon, this works out to less than $0.12 per bag. 

The price of just under 12 cents per Ziploc slider bag is incredible value for money given that you are getting the Ferrari of freezer bags.

New, More Durable Film 

The makers of the Ziploc freezer bags make a bold claim that this bag is stronger than its competitors.

That in scientific experiments that tested the leading freezer bag brands, this Ziploc bag's film was more resilient to tears and punctures.

So what does this mean in practical terms?

That this freezer bag is less likely to tear while being pried out of freezer or the pack. And, it is also less prone to puncture even if you use it to store meat on the bone cuts such as spare ribs, chuck or brisket.  

Expandable Bottom

The Ziploc quart freezer bag has an expandable base.

This creates more room in the bag and makes it easy to store bulky items which not would fit in a bag that is not gusseted.

The flat base also helps prevent food from getting squished. How would you like your sausages to wind up looking like minced meat patties or a flat bread?!

Moreover, when filled, these Ziploc bags can stand upright in freezers, refrigerators  and pantries. Just be sure there is sufficient headroom.

The Ziploc Quart Freezer Bags Are BPA-Free!

We are all becoming more health conscious as we learn more about the dangerous chemicals that lurk in our environment.

You'll be pleased to hear that these quart bags are BPA-free...

So they won't leach this harmful, disease-causing chemical into your food. So if you freeze organic broccoli, kale or cherry tomatoes, that's all you'll have when you thaw the pack. 

5. Ziploc Professional Storage Bags, For Food Organization and Storage, Double Zipper, 2 Gallon, 100 Count

These Ziploc 2 gallon bags for the freezer are the largest of the bestsellers.

So think of them as the Ziploc XXL bags for the freezer.


Each of these gigantic bags measures H 13" x W 15" (33 cm x 38.1 cm).

They basically offer the same benefits as the 1 gallon freezer bag commercial pack reviewed above, but double the capacity.

Here is a quick summary of the benefits.

Smart Zip Plus Seal 

They come with a “smart” zip so that you can see, hear and feel the bag closing from edge to edge, giving you confidence that your food will be safely frozen.

That way, you'll be confident that your food is protected.

Easy Open Tabs

Keep you favourite snacks easily accessible.

You don't have to pull your hair out because the bag where you stored your beef jerky portions just won't open.

These freezer bags will open; and do so easily.

Good To Go

This Ziploc freezer bag's durable design keeps snacks safe and secure, no matter where you toss them...

Car trunk? Picnic basket? Weekend tote? Duffel? Backpack? No problem—this XXL freezer bag can withstand them all!

The Icing On The Cake?

Each of these Ziploc professional bags is more than just a freezer bag. Here's what else each is perfect for...

  • Marinator—toss up a delicious dinner by simply throwing all your ingredients in this 2 gallon Ziploc bag for the freezer.
  • Microwave safe—When defrosting or reheating, be sure to open the zipper one inch to allow it to vent so that steam doesn't build up in the bag, forcing it to burst open; ruining your food and messing up the microwave in the process. Also, don't microwave the bag too long or it will melt. 
  • Classroom caddy—keep classroom supplies tidily stored and easily identifiable in this see and tell bag.
  • Graham crusher—crumble those delicious homemade Graham crackers with absolutely no mess.
  • Icing nozzle—this Ziploc freezer bag is an excellent DIY cake decorating tool. Want to see it in action? Here's some inspiration...

6. Ziploc 1/2 gallon Freezer Bags, 144 Count (4 Packs of 36)

The half gallon freezer bag ranks a respectable sixth among the bestselling Ziploc freezer bags. 

It's the intermediate option if you find the quart size too small and the gallon size freezer bag too big.

The limited edition pack, whose image is below, comes with 144 bags.


Each bag measures 10 9/16" x 5 5/8" x 3 1/2" (26.8 cm x 14.3 cm x 8.8 cm).

So what benefits does it offer other than size?

  • Double zipper - assures you that your food's freshness is double locked in.
  • Gusseted bottom - which is great for storing large items as the expandable bottom creates more room
  • Easy open tabs - they are are easy to open, easy to close, making your treats easy to access without ripping the bag and risking the spillage of these treats. 

7. Pint Ziploc Freezer Bags, 80 Count

The pint-sized bags are the smallest freezer bags made by SC Johnson under the Ziploc brand and they wind up our review of the bestselling Ziploc freezer bags.


Each bag’s dimensions are 7" x 5" (17.7 com x 12.7 cm).

Therefore these (literally) pint-sized bags are ideal for freezing small portions.

So what do you get when you purchase one of these packs?

Each box contains 20 freezer bags. You receive 1 pack of 4 of these boxes, making a total of 80 freezer bags. Cool, uh?

So what benefits do these pint freezer bags offer? 

  • Convenience - of freezing everything from soups, pastries, hard cheeses, vegetables, fruit, poultry, meats, fish to leftovers in meal-size portions for singles or empty nesters.  
  • A heavy duty construction - this will help protect your food from freezer burn. The sandwich Ziploc bags, which are less sturdy, wouldn't offer the same level of protection. You can fill these Ziploc freezer bags with nails and other items with protrusions and they will remain puncture-free for a while.
  • A FreezeGuard seal - so they can withstand the extreme freezer climate.
  • A smart, double zipper  - this makes you confident that your food is secure enough to toss around (obviously within reason).
  • A  white write-on panel -  to help you label and date your items so that they are easy to identify. Just be sure to use a tried and tested freezer marker
  • The Ziploc pint freezer bags are microwave safe. As always, be sure to open the bag about an inch to allow it to vent. To emphasize, this prevents steam build-up that would blow the bag open,  scatter your food and mess up your microwave.

Which Ziploc Freezer Bag Is Your Fave?

All Ziploc freezer bags highlighted on this page consistently top the bestsellers list in their size categories.

And they often sell out...

So it's a good idea to grab your preferred ones while they are still in stock. Or you'll have to wait months when vendors place them on backorder.

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