Which Is The Best 2 Door Compact Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer?

A 2 door compact stainless steel fridge freezer is a great investment for your studio apartment, office, home bar, dorm room, den or even boat house.

This is especially so if you want to combine the benefits of a compact refrigerator with those of a stainless steel appliance.

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In fact, many of the 2 door compact fridges offer pretty much the same benefits as a full-size refrigerator but with a smaller frame.

Because their freezer compartments are accessed via a separate door that is only opened when required, they attain much colder temperatures than single-door compact fridge freezers.

The dedicated freezer sections are also more spacious than units accessed via the same door as the refrigerator, so they hold far more frozen food.

So whether you want to buy more meat in order to reduce your trips to the store or stock up on treats to sustain a small party, the 2 door compact refrigerator promises a good return on investment.

A stainless steel finish or even look complements the above advantages, making your fridge freezer appealing to the eye, more resistant to corrosion, and easy to keep clean.

And, as it turns out, the bestsellers have 3.0 to 3.5 cubic foot capacities.

So, which refrigerator models offer a combination of the above benefits?

Well, these 3 fridge models will make you feel like you got more than you paid for…

Danby 3.1 Cubic Foot

This 3.1 Cu. Ft. Danby DCR031B1BSLDD model has dimensions of 33.5” H x 18.9” W x 19.7” D, making it a useful addition to your dorm room or the den as it wouldn't clutter either.

It also sports a stainless steel look cabinet and door with black trimmings between the refrigerator and freezer doors.

So if beauty is high up your list of priorities, be sure to check it out.

Plus, the fridge freezer’s sleek looks are matched by a raft of these fantastic functions that make it a must have for small living spaces:

  • Its self-defrosting, something of a rarity in the mini-fridge word. So It's the go-to model if you find manual defrosting a chore.
  • The freezer keeps food as cold as a full-size freezer so it’s a good choice if you don’t want to spend your precious time wondering whether your precious food investment will freeze, or thaw and go to waste. 
  • The 2.4. cu. ft. refrigerator section offers a full-width shelf and is great for storing a large pizza. The shelf is made with toughened shelf and is easy to clean.
  • A can bin dispenses 1 can at a time.
  • The fridge door shelving can comfortably hold several 2-liter bottles. This and the can rack are guaranteed to keep you well-hydrated through the sweltering summer heat.
  • It consumes about 319 kWh of electricity each year, translating into an electric bill of about $38 a year or just over $3 a month.
  • With an 18-months’ warranty on parts and labor effective from the date of purchase, you can rest assured that manufacturing defects will be remedied free of charge.

Sunpentown 3.5 Cu. Ft. 2 Door Compact Stainless Steel Fridge Freezer

This SPT 2 door compact refrigerator model (RF-354SS) measures only 33.4” H x 18.5” W x 22.1” D.

This, and its thoughtful flush back design and reversible doors make it a great addition to tight spaces such as a studio apartment, office or dorm room.

It sports a black cabinet and stainless steel door.

This is complemented by a recessed door handle lends it a modern look to any room that will make you the envy of your guests.

Its raft of other benefits includes:

  • A large, 1.1 cubic feet freezer section that includes a full-width door shelf. This is great not just for making and storing ice cubes but a range of frozen treats to keep the summer heat at bay.
  • An ice tray isn’t just great for making ice cubes, you can use it to make lemon ice, coffee ice or soda ice, helping to transform your summer into a magical experience.
  • The fridge compartment has a capacity of 2.4 cu. ft., the largest among the bestsellers reviewed here so if you want to maximize your compact fridge space, this model is worth checking out.
  • It contains slide out glass shelves that are great for storing and retrieving fresh food. Moreover, they can be removed completely to create space for large items.
  • Door shelving consists of a can dispenser.
  • A transparent crisper drawer is designed to keep fruits and veggies fresh, making it a great investment for a raw foodie.
  • A light bulb makes it easy to store and find your food, saving you precious time over the life of the appliance.
  • It’s independently certified to be energy efficient as it consumes only 290 kWh of energy each year. This is great for keeping the energy bill low - just $35 each year, which works out to less than $3 each month.
  • A partial automatic defrost means you don't have to go through the entire cycle of manually defrosting your freezer every few months.
  • A conveniently located thermostat is great for quickly setting and adjusting the temperature settings of your refrigerator.
  • A pair of leveling feet ensure that the doors close and seal properly, preventing cooling, frost and moisture problems.
  • The one-year limited warranty gives you peace of mind that if your refrigerator malfunctions due to defective parts or poor workmanship with a year of purchase, it will be repaired at the manufacturer’s cost.

Frigidaire 3.1 Cubic Foot Compact Refrigerator

Although the 3.1 cu. ft. Frigidaire FFPH31M6LM model has modest dimensions of 33.5” H x 18.7” W x 19.5” D, it is chock full of Frigidaire’s legendary quality and style.

Here are some of the benefits offered by its features:

  • The exterior consists of a black cabinet that is closed with 2 stylish, arched silver mist doors with recessed handles. These are sure to elevate the look of any space and to add a spacious feel to any space.
  • The separate freezer and fridge compartments keep every item at just the right temperature.
  • The flat top is an excellent spot to place your microwave if space is especially constrained.
  • An unbelievably large (0.9 cubic feet) freezer compartment is big enough to take an ice tray, a mid-size ice cream tub and several frozen treats. The main freezer section is boosted by a full-width door rack that is ideal for freezing tiny item.
  • The refrigerator compartment has a capacity of 2.2 cu ft. The section also has a removable glass shelf that is designed to maximize space use and a crisper drawer that keeps your fruits and vegetables.
  • The fridge section also has an inbuilt wine rack and 2, two-can capacity racks that ensure that your drinks are always perfectly chilled.
  • Bright interior lighting makes it easy to find food when hunger strikes.
  • Because it’s energy star certified, it consumes only 337 kWh of energy each year. This is great both for keeping the energy bill as low as $36 each year or $3 each month and making the air more breathable for us all.
  • A reversible door makes it possible to change the hinges to suit you whether you are left handed or right handed
  • Leveling legs.
  • 1-year warranty on parts and labor.

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