The Cold Facts About GE Upright Freezers

GE upright freezers are worth checking out whether you're new to freezers or you want to replace an old one with a new, lockable, more user-friendly and energy efficient model.

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In fact, GE upright freezers have become a very popular choice due to their many options and features, which make them the perfect choice for today’s modern and busy families, and individuals that are looking to invest in a midsize-large upright.

All the GE freezer uprights on sale in America are designed in the United States and manufactured in the State of Wisconsin. As such they, like the GE chest counterparts, are a highly trusted brand.

These GE freezers offer a variety of options to fit a range of preferences. 

You can choose the model that best fits your needs based on capacity, energy efficiency, type of temperature controls, defrosting options, whether it is lockable and of course, price.

What GE Upright Freezer Size Should You Choose?

The first step in buying a freezer is determining the appropriate size, or freezer capacity. So how do you decide what freezer size best fits your needs?

As a rule of thumb, a freezer should have at least 1.5 cubic feet of storage space for each member of the household. That, for example, means 6 cubic feet for a family of four.

But other variables can jack up that average.

Is there a hunter in the family who'll need to store a few dozen pounds of venison? How big is that vegetable garden? Do you shop in bulk at big-box supermarkets?

You should also consider where you plan to place the freezer and how much space (footprint and door span) is available there.

GE uprights range from mid-sized to large. And here are the GE freezer sizes by category...

Mid-sized GE Upright Freezers

The medium sized freezers work well for small to mid-sized families. And those who live in apartments with limited floor space. But also for singles who do a lot of freezer cooking.

Remember, bulk cooking saves precious time and money so a freezer investment will likely pay for itself in a matter of months rather than years.

GE offers 3 mid-sized upright freezer models with capacities of 13.7, 14.1 and 16.7 cubic feet...

13.7 Cu. Ft. GE Frost Free Upright Freezer

This freezer’s dimensions (WxHxD) are 28 in x 60 3/8 in x 29 5/8 in and will fit in most mid-sized kitchens.

A 13.7 cu. ft. upright has enough room to hold up to 480 lbs. of frozen food, and is a great choice is you don’t fancy dashing to the grocery store several times a day to stock up on the milk.

Its feature set includes a frost free defrost system, electronic temperature controls, a temperature alarm, 3 slide out wire shelves, and 5 freezer door shelves.

14.1 Cu. Ft. GE Manual Defrost Upright Freezer

This 14.1 cu. ft. freezer's model # is FUF14SVRWW.

It's dimensions (WxHxD) are 28 in x 60 3/8 in x 29 5/8 in and will comfortably fit in most mid-sized kitchens. 

A 14.1 cu. ft. has enough room to gobble up 494 lbs. of frozen food, and is a great choice is buying in bulk sounds like a good way to rake in the savings.

The FUF14SVRWW is a manual defrost and is an excellent buy if defrosting it periodically doesn’t bother you.

16.7 Cu. Ft. Frost Free Upright Freezer

The 16.7 cu. ft. frost free upright freezer (GE FUF17SVRWW) measures (WxHxD) 32 in x 65 3/4 in x 29 1/8 in.

It features 4 spacious cabinet shelves and 5 freezer door shelves that provide extra room for items that don’t stack well.

It's frost-free and comes with an electronic temperature control on the door that is easy to set, an audible temperature alarm that sounds when the freezer temperature rises above the safe threshold, and interior lighting which makes it easy to find and retrieve food items.

Large Upright Freezers From GE

The bigger GE upright freezer models are great for large families, and homes with ample square footage.

2 GE freezer models with capacities of 20.5 and 20.6 cubic feet fall in this category.

GE 20.5 Cu. Ft. Frost Free Upright Freezer

The 20.5 cu. ft. (model #FUF21SVRWW) measures (WxHxD) 32 in x 65 3/4 in x 29 1/8 in.

The freezer is a frost free upright freezer. As such, it's a low-labor maintenance appliance and is a great option for anyone who does not have the time or inclination to periodically defrost the unit.

The freezer also has 4 spacious cabinet shelves (2 of which are adjustable), 6 freezer door shelves, 1 sliding bulk storage basket, and an interior light to help you quickly find what you need.

The electronic temperature control on the door allows you to conveniently set and adjust the freezer temperature.

GE 20.6 Cu. Ft. Manual Defrost Upright Freezer

The 20.6 cu. ft. (model # FUM21SVRWW) measures (WxHxD) 32 in x 65 3/4 in x 29 1/8 in. It's a manual defrost upright freezer, meaning that it's kinder on your electric bill.

The freezer model has 4 spacious shelves (2 of which are adjustable), 6 freezer door shelves, 1 sliding bulk storage basket, and an interior light to help you quickly find what you need.

It also has mechanical temperature controls, designed specially for those who find LCD controls a little overwhelming.


If securing your food is high up on your list of priorities, you'll be pleased to hear that all GE upright freezers come with locks and keys. The benefits of this are considerable...

They keep your kids or grandchildren from using the freezer as a playground as this is obviously dangerous.

Or strangers from snooping around your freezer and stealing your precious food and setting you back several hundreds of dollars in food investment.

Defrost It Yourself? Or Let GE Do It?

It's not lost on GE that both frost free and manually defrosted freezers have ardent fans. For a good reason too; as both styles have their virtues. So, here is a primer on each.

Frost Free GE Uprights

If spending a day defrosting a freezer is not your favorite pastime, or you don’t have the muscle power to go through all the motions, you may want to opt for a frost free model.

Here are your options:

  • 13.7 cu ft model # FUF14SVRWW
  • 16.7 cu ft model # FUF17SVRWW
  • 20.5 cu ft. model # FUF21SVRWW.

Manual Defrost Models

A manual defrost freezer model is a fantastic buy if you find that its benefits far outweigh the hassle associated with defrosting it every now and then.

Cubic foot for cubic foot, manual defrost models are cheaperto buy and operatethan their frost free counterparts.

Food items also keep much better in a manual freezer, as they are less prone to freezer burn (remember frost free models blow warm air around the freezers to melt any ice that may have built up, in effect thawing then refreezing the food).

Here are your options:

  • 14.1 cu. ft. model # FUM14SVRWW
  • 20.6 cu. ft. model # FUM21SVRWW.

How Important Is Energy Efficiency To You?

If you're replacing an old freezer with a new GE upright, congratulations! You're doing your bit to save the planet by reducing your electricity consumption.

Older freezer models lag well behind the newcomers in terms of energy efficiency.

The solo energy efficient upright GE freezer is the 13.7 cubic foot model #FUF14DVRWW. Although it’s no longer being manufactured, it's still widely available in stores.

In fact, the model earned the Energy Star qualification from the EPA, meaning that it exceeds federal energy efficiency standards by at least 10 percent.

GE's Warranty

All GE upright freezers come with a one-year limited warranty on parts and labor. In essence, GE undertakes to remedy defective parts and workmanship.

The star attraction of the warranty is that these repairs can be performed right in your home.

So, when your upright freezer suddenly stops working within 12 months of purchase and you have done nothing untoward, you don't have to endure the added inconvenience (and cost!) of hauling it to the nearest approved service outlet.

Tracking Down The Right GE Upright Freezer

Everyone has a preferred shopping style. Some people want to eyeball the freezer directly, open the  door and slide out the storage bins before making an investment decision.

Increasingly though, many prefer to shop online.  This is a great way to save on gas and time, or to avoid traffic and crowds, too.

Many of these online retailers offer loyalty discounts, expert advice, financing options, and buyer protection packages.

Here's a brief look at the biggest online retailers...

  • Walmart, the world's largest public corporation, has such a huge sales volume that it can afford to sell at low prices, often undercutting those of other big-box retailers. Open 24 hours a day, its stores are ubiquitous, even in many remote areas where appliance stores are hard to find. You can also order online.
  • Home Depot similarly has extensive national coverage for its big-box stores. As the country's largest home improvement retailer, it has an ample assortment of freezers. Its sales staff are experienced in answering questions about products. It also has an online ordering site.
  • Lowe's, another major home improvement retailer, has more than 1,800 stores countrywide, knowledgeable sales personnel, and a broad range of home appliances on its online catalog.
  • Best Buy may be best known for its electronics, but also offers a good assortment of home appliances, which can also be purchased online. In addition, it sells "Geek Squad" protection plans for all major appliances.
  • AJ Madison specializes in home appliances. Based in Brooklyn, venue for its large showroom, it sells mainly online. It charges no sales tax (except for New York residents) and promises to match prices of other retailers.
  • Amazon, the king of online sales, has one of the most trusted websites. And you can pay via one-click ordering, further reducing the risk of compromising your sensitive credit card information.

What Is A Trusted Upright Freezer Brand Really Worth?

If you are hunting for a new freezer, the GE uprights are well worth poring over.

They offer a generous raft of benefits that range from medium-large frozen storage capacities; frost free and manual defrost systems, electronic and mechanical controls, energy star qualification, and locks and keys.

To crown it all, the GE upright freezers have received wide acclaim probably because they are engineered and manufactured by GEone of the most trusted brands in the appliance industry.

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