Why Is The GE FCM5SKWW Freezer 
A Runaway Bestseller?

With a capacity of 5.0 cu. ft., the GE FCM5SKWW freezer is a runaway bestseller. 

So, what advantages does this GE small chest freezer offer? 

Several, actually...

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Benefits Of The GE FCM5SKWW Freezer

Garage Ready Freezer

  • It's standout benefit is that it's a garage ready freezer as the video below by GE illustrates. This means it's designed and proven to perform in extreme ambient (external) temperatures that can range from 0°-110°F. Why is this important? 
  • Well, unlike houses which are heated during the freezing winter months and air-conditioned during the sweltering summer months, detached garages' exposure to the elements is typically unmitigated.
  • Basically, this GE freezer weathers these extreme conditions remarkably well. So, whether you live in the hottest states of Florida, Arizona, California, Texas, South Carolina or North Carolina or the endure the harshest winters in states such as Alaska, North Dakota, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, or Idaho, you can be sure the GE FCM5SKWW freezer will hum on, unfazed. Not many small chest freezers lay claim to this fame. 
  • The only caveat? Make sure the garage is well-ventilated so don't tuck it away in a closet.

Capacity To Hold 175 lbs Of Food

With a capacity of 5.0 cu. ft., it can hold up to 175 lbs. of food.

If you’re a meat lover, you can load it with 150 lbs. of meat and still have space to spare.

Or you can load it with a quart of ice cream, a 22 lb. turkey, a dozen chicken breasts, quite a bit of fish fillet, loaves of bread and hamburger buns, pot pies, butter, homemade soups with plenty of room for more.

Compact Dimensions

The freezer boasts compact dimensions of H 33.5 in. x W 28.75 in. x D 21.25 in. note that when the lid is open at 90°, the height rises to just 53 in.

All in all, it's about the size of a washing machine and can fit in most laundry rooms.

Side air clearance is only 3 in. (76 mm). There are vents on the right side near the bottom (facing the front of the freezer). A 3 in. air clearance is required on each side and in the rear of the freezer.

This air clearance also allows sufficient space on top for the lid to hinge open.


The GE FCM5SKWW freezer weighs only 63 lbs. making it easy to lift and move around the house and qualifying it as a small chest freezer in every sense.

Energy Efficient

Yearly energy consumption of this GE small chest freezer is 218 kWh.

This translates into a yearly energy cost of around $26 and a monthly cost of just $2.17.

So, model GE FCM5SKWW freezer clearly fits the bill in both the literal and figurative senses.

Power Indicator Light & Adjustable Temperature

  • The power indicator light makes it easy to know if your GE chest freezer is working without having to go to the freezer to open the door and check.
  • Adjustable temperature control makes setting and adjusting the temperature of your freezer a breeze. It allows for a generous internal temperature range of -10°F to +15°F. Note though that the thermostat only provides for "minimum," "maximum" and "off" settings so dial it to the approximate temperature setting now that you know the range.

Bulk Storage Basket

One lift-out, sliding bulk storage basket offers you the flexibility to organize your favorite foods and makes them easy to retrieve.

Plus, the basket is thoughtfully designed because, as it hangs on a recessed track, it does not obstruct the freezer lid's seal.

Manual Defrost & Defrost Drain

This manual defrost model gives you the power to defrost the GE FCM5SKWW freezer on your schedule, about twice a year.

Busy this weekend? Simply reschedule the exercise for next weekend.

A defrost water drain is conveniently located at the front (bottom left) of the freezer cabinet and makes it easy to drain water during defrosting.

So even though this small chest freezer is a manual defrost, this drain takes some of the stress out of the chore.

Simply attach a garden hose and divert water to a large bucket, laundry sink, floor drain or the outdoors.

Leveling Legs 

This unit offers leveling legs which are a great tool because most of our floors are, in fact, uneven.

So, use the leveling legs or shims to balance the freezer but also to make it easy to keep its lid shut and the cold air in the freezer. 

Recessed Handle

A recessed handle offers a clean appearance but also saves precious space by not sticking out!

One-year Limited Warranty

A limited 1-year warranty on the entire appliance is yet another benefit.

You can buy this GE FCM5SKWW freezer in the assurance that defective parts and workmanship that arise within one year will be fixed at GE's cost—not yours.

Buyer Reviews

Pros: What Buyers Loved About The GE FCM5SKWW Freezer

Buyers raved about the fact that the GE FCM5SKWW freezer is a garage ready freezer, that it's a small chest freezer, ease of operation, efficiency, quality, GE brand reliability and, the delivery and installation experience.

Sample these verbatim reviews... 

Garage Ready Freezer That Worked In Extreme Temperatures

"We looked at various other makes in the 5 cubic feet range and opted to go with GE since our detached garage is not air conditioned and gets quite warm in the southern California summers. Reading the specs, this GE model appeared to have a wider operating range and after 5 months, including the summer months, this freezer hasn't missed a beat."

"Works great in my garage. Seems to hold temp, not noisy."

"The freezer is the perfect size for me, does not take much room in my garage." 

"Now that we're living in Fl., wanted to have it put in our garage. Most other appliances could not go in the hot garage but this one can! So happy. Knew there was a reason I've loved GE!"

"Loved the fact that this was rated for use inside a garage because we couldn't find a narrow enough freezer to fit where the old one was."

"Purchased this freezer two months ago... It fits perfectly in the garage. I love that it's rated for temperatures from 0 degrees F to 110 degrees F, which is perfect for the climate where I live."

"Purchased it for my garage and unlike other makes this GE is able to with stand temperatures of zero to 110 degrees. Very satisfied."

"I keep this freezer in my garage and so far it has held up in the 90 degree + TX fall weather."

"I live in Michigan and am leery of putting freezers in the garage due to extreme weather variance—so far so good, went through summer just fine."

"Perfect for us… and especially that it is something we can use in the garage..."

"The reason I purchased this freezer over others is the fact that it can be kept in my garage. it was the only freezer that I found that had this feature. It can withstand the temperature differences from summer heat to winter cool."

"Awesome freezer, works very well, and it's the perfect size for our townhome garage!"

"Works in hot (105°F) Garage, and cools to -10°F with reasonable electrical cost."

"This is just the right size to store those freezer items that don't fit in a side-by-side refrigerator. I have had this for just a month and it is working great in my garage."

"It's perfect for the garage to keep extra freezer items in."

"Picked this up for our garage and it is exactly what I was looking for! Works great, size is perfect for a garage and holds a surprising amount of food."

"Just the right size to install in our garage which makes it really handy to get to."

"Perfect fit in the garage, and it says it OK to 110 degrees in summer. My garage has reached 104°F so I'm hopeful this will be as perfect as it seems."

"Works well in garage. The freezer I replaced did not work when the temp in the garage approached 90°F."

"Fits in garage just fine."

"Small footprint is very nice. Has worked very well in a hot garage."

"We live in a small townhouse, so space is limited. This freezer takes up surprisingly little space in the garage."

"I looked at the specs and reviews for most of the freezers of about the size of this one (5 cu. ft.), and this one stood out because it had the best specs for operation in a garage that gets pretty warm in the summer… We've had an exceptionally hot summer here in North Carolina, and the freezer has performed flawlessly."'

Small Chest Freezer

"Perfect size for our needs... we're a family of 3."

"Fits perfectly in our garage & is just the right size for my husband & I."

"Just the right size for a 2-person family."

"Perfect size for a single guy."

"We're a retired couple, and this is the perfect size and great value."

"This freezer is the perfect size for my small family. I love purchasing my meats at Sams club and this freezer holds all of the over flow from the fridge and then some. Plus we are ice cream fanatics and now we have room for all of the flavors."


"Fits perfectly in the space I've allotted."

"Perfect size, easy to move around."

"Perfect size for our townhome garage!"

"A lot of space in a small footprint."

"The size makes it easier to fit in a small area."

"Just the right size for extra freezer space… I like to make meals ahead of time and freeze."

"It's small, easily moved."

"I was looking for something smaller to go in the basement for freezing meat and seasonal items. This is the perfect size—it doesn’t take up a lot of space but it holds a large volume of food."

"This freezer is the perfect size for our small utility room."

"The size is convenient for an apartment or trailer. Very deep for those big packages of meat."

Appearance & Quality

"Sleek look to compliment the kitchen."

"Neat looking."

"Nice looking."



"The metal interior eliminates the inner compartment rust issue our old one had."

"Great quality, fit and finish, and a perfect supplement to our fridge."

"Bought six months ago and I'm in love!"

"The size is convenient for an apartment or trailer. Very deep for those big packages of meat, and even has a basket that is very practical."

Delivery & Installation

"Easy install."

"Delivery was seamless."

"Delivery was on time and the guys removed entire unit from box and put in place in our garage and plugged in. Less than 15 minutes for setup."

"Delivery was seamless, and the freezer does its job very well."

Ease of Operation

"Easy to adjust temperature."

"Temperature control is very easy."

"Accessible for Senior citizens."

"Controls easy to reach."

"Low profile my short wife can reach the bottom."

"It even has a basket that is very practical."

Efficiency of The GE FCM5SKWW Freezer

"Freezes fast."

"Freezer was super cold in no time."

"I’m keeping the temp midway on the dial and everything is kept very cold."

"The medium setting is strong enough to have everything frozen solid. Also, it is very DEEP for its size!"

"It freezes items well."

"Cooled down reasonably fast."

"Energy bill decreased."

"Very quiet."

"Super quiet (about the only way to tell it's operating is to check the indicator light)."

"Runs really quiet."

"It is so quiet that I put a thermometer in it to make sure it was working."

Brand Reliability

"I have always trusted GE products."

"GE has always proved reliable."

"GE does make quality products at a good price."

"Thanks GE!"

"GE dependability."

Cons: What Buyers Felt Wasn't Too Great

While clearly outnumbered by the compliments, buyer complaints about the GE FCM5SKWW freezer included ice buildup near the hinges, lack of an interior light, only one storage basket and a large opening in the back.

Ice Buildup Near Hinges

"Ice does build up inside the freezer at the back where it hinges but has not impeded shutting the top tightly. I just chip it off occasionally." 

"Some frost build near hinges inside."

"The problem is the gasket leaks… There is ice build up and prevents the gasket from keeping the cold air in."

GE's answer to this complaint?

"With a small amount of food or high room temperature, it is normal for moisture or ice to form inside the top of the freezer door or cabinet." 

So, there are two common sense ways to solve this problem… 

First, keep your freezer full of food or containers filled with water or scrunched paper. 

Second, just be prepared to scrape way the ice buildup every so often.

No Interior Light

"Would be nice if there was an internal light but not end of the world."

"I wish it came with an interior light."

Interior light would have certainly helped but this is a general problem across the small chest freezer world.

Only One Storage Basket

"Only drawback is it's pretty deep and has only one tray." 

"I do wish it came with two baskets to allow for better organization.  I ordered a second basket for over 1/4 the cost of the entire freezer. I would have gladly paid the small cost of including the second basket in the freezer."

"Would have liked 2 baskets." 

An additional storage basket would have definitely helped with freezer organization. But its cost would have been reflected in the freezer price. Even without the second basket, this GE small chest freezer is still good value.

And if you can afford it, you can order an additional storage basket for GE FCM5SKWW freezer for around $25 on Amazon.

Large Opening In Lower Back

"The only complaint I have is the opening in the back where it would let rodents in. I am wondering if there is a fix for that." 

Another reviewer suggested that the "large opening in lower back should be covered with screen or louvered vent."

FreezerHub Rating

Overall, we'd rate this GE FCM5SKWW freezer 4.8 out of 5 stars. Yeah, that's very nearly a perfect score!

Ready To Upgrade To The Garage Ready GE FCM5SKWW Freezer?

The GE FCM5SKWW freezer is an awesome chest freezer by any standards.

Its standout benefit is that it one of the top trending garage ready freezers. 

But that's not all...

Verified buyers have also raved about the freezer's small size and footprint, ease of operation, efficiency and quality. Some buyers even felt that it cements GE's enviable track record for designing high quality, durable and aesthetically-appealing appliances...

It turns out GE appliances' history spans over more than a century and many buyers would probably agree that the company has gotten very good at what it does.

But as the negative reviews make clear, it's not perfect—nothing really is.

Given its size, this is, unsurprisingly, a no-frills small chest freezer and so doesn't come with any advanced features such as a lock/ key and interior lighting.

This 5.0 cu. ft. chest freezer (GE FCM5SKWW freezer) is currently going for $259 at Home Depot and is eligible for FREE delivery, installation and haul away of the old unit if you make appliance purchases of $396 and up.

You should consider investing in this freezer if you're all for cutting out the unnecessary, expensive gloss and are happy to have a freezer that just keeps your food well-frozen—even in extreme temperatures.

Then you can save lots of money by taking advantage of sales on meat and your family's favorite frozen treats. 

Blue Bunny? Ben & Jerry's? Häagen-Dazs? Breyers? Dreyer's? Magnum? Take your pick or have them all! Remember the GE FCM5SKWW freezer has space for all of them.

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