Top 2 Gallon Freezer Bags

These bestselling 2 gallon freezer bags provide jumbo-sized storage for your meats, veggies, cheeses and party snacks.

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They hold larger food items, protecting large cuts of meat or even prepared casseroles from freezer burn. Freezer burn is especially dreadful because the unsightly food ends up in the trashcan rather than your tummy.

You can also use these bags to store a range of household items and keep your home organized and tidy.

If you need 2 gallon storage bags, these are the top-selling options.

Ziploc 2 Gallon Freezer Bags

These Ziploc 2 gallon bags are part of the now legendary range of Ziploc freezer bags that are runaway bestsellers in many stores.

Here’s why these are the freezer bags of choice for anyone looking for a reliable brand that offers plenty of storage room for large items.

  • They block out air while they lock in the freshness and taste in your food.
  • Blocking out air helps to prevent freezer burn which in turn means that less food and money are wasted.
  • They are tough and durable and can handle pretty much anything you throw in them, whether this is lamb, exotic fruits or your kid’s favorite toy.
  • Ziploc’s one of a kind “smart zip seal-it” lets you see, feel and even hear the bag close from end to end. This gives you the added assurance that the bag really is closed and that your food is protected from freezer burn.

Ri-Pac 2 Gallon Size Zip Lock Reclosable Freezer Storage Bags

These Ri-Pac 2 gallon freezer bags offer exceptional value, with a count of 100 bags for one, low price.

They measure 13” by 16” inches, making them the ideal option for storing extra large items.

They close by zipping the locks on either side of the bag together. This eliminates the need for using tape or staples to seal your bags, which is obviously tedious.

They are reclosable, meaning that they are easily opened, closed and stored again for reuse.

They are about 2mm thick, thick enough to keep your food well protected from freezer burn.

With a labeling area, you can write down the contents of the bag, as well as the freezing date...

Writing the date on your freezer bags makes it easy to implement that golden “first in, first out rule” that virtually eliminates food wastage and saves you money.

The 2 gallon storage bags can be used to store food in the freezer, fridge, pantry plus a range of household items.

Hefty OneZip Slider Bags, Jumbo 2.5 Gallon

These Hefty Onezip slider bags have a capacity of 2.5 gallons. That means they hold one-quarter more food than the 2 gallon freezer bags.

So they are recommended for storing not just food but many things around your home such as toys and toiletries and other items that can't withstand squishing.

Plus, they feature Hefty's signature OneZip slider, which makes closing these bags a snap.

If you are looking for good value, remember to pick the multi-pack with a count of 36 freezer bags to save even more money!

After all, as the famous saying goes, “money saved is money earned.”

Elara Disposable Zip Seal Bag, 2 Gallon Capacity

Each of Elara's disposable 2 gallon freezer bags provides a large storage capacity.

They have a zip seal design, making them easy to close and open. 

They can be used in the refrigerator or freezer and will protect the freshness of your food while limiting the risk of freezer burn.

The bags come in an economy pack of 100, and so are a good choice for any bargain hunter.

Plus, they come in no-frills packaging, so you can be sure you are paying for only the freezer bags, not the colorful packaging that is sometimes designed to compensate for sub-standard products.

Storit Multi-Purpose Jumbo Size 2.5 Gallon Storage Freezer Bag

Storit offers extra-large 2.5-gallon storage bags.

The easy slider top ensures that your food stays fresh and protected while inside the bag.

Besides holding up very well in the freezer and the refrigerator, these bags can be safely used in the microwave to thaw food.

Waring Pro 2-Gallon Pistol Vac Reusable Bags

The main advantage these Waring Pro 2 gallon freezer bags have over the others is that they are reusable. Just be sure to thoroughly clean and sanitize them first.

So they are a good option if you are keen on reducing the amount of trash you produce that then piles up at the landfills.

Another big plus is that they are one of the BPA-free freezer bags, so you can use them with confidence that this suspicious chemical won’t get anywhere near your food.

These bags are safe for use in the freezer, refrigerator and microwave. They can also be safely simmered in the pan.

It’s best to use these the bags with the Waring Pro PVS1000 Pistol Vac Professional Vacuum Sealer System. This system ensures that air is ejected from the bag before freezing it so that the food inside remains fresh.

Neat-os Gallon Sized Reusable Bag Set

This set of two Neat-os gallon-sized reusable bags gives you at least 2 gallons of storage. Just be sure to wash them thoroughly before reusing them each time.

So whether you are storing large items in the home or commercial kitchens, these bags will pay for themselves several times over in their lifetime.

And they are probably the most durable of the freezer bags reviewed here.

This is because they are made of polyethylene coated canvas, which is far more durable than mere plastic.

 In addition, these 2 gallon freezer bags are free of the harmful chemicals BPA, lead, phthalate and PVC.

These bags are also so versatile that they can be tossed in the freezer, refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher without even a whimper.

Plus, they can be used to keep produce fresh for family outings or rides home from the farmer's market.

What's more, because they are durable and reusable, they are an ideal eco-friendly storage solution if you rightly feel that the world is already heaving with too much garbage.

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